Monday, 15 September 2014

AngryJoe Plays Destiny - Pre-Review Impressions

Is this going to become the norm for Joe, talking about a game for a couple of minutes then showing a long ass let's play session, because it seems like that's what he's going for. Also he's playing Destiny on the PS4 because he's shilled out to hashimoto, that and he's a faggot. Basically it's him summarizing what he liked and what he didn't like about Destiny, though he could have said the game is basically firefight from Halo except an entire game. And in the actual review he'll probably yap his mouth off as usual instead of summarizing his sentences, and this is why people still say Joe is such an amateur at anything video game related. We'll just have to wait and see how he messes up in the actual review so in the meantime check out the comments below:

A typical Angry Army faggot response, maybe if Joe took that stick out of his ass then he could get some stuff done but as usual he let's his dick riding fanboys do all the work for him.
Reviews take time dude but we all know that Joe will take his sweet ass time as usual
I think this guys onto something
It seems like this guy has cleaned Joe's dick a couple of times already, what a total retard
I'm pretty sure that this actually happened, Photoshopped images coming soon

Well that was his Pre-Review Impressions video, now wasn't that bore fest fun, if you said no then well done you get a golden star. If you said yes you can just go to the nearest hospital and get butt fucked by the Mexican janitor with a funny eye and an eye patch because reasons. And just like the Archfiend, have a nice day everyone, fucking idiot.


  1. The funny thing about this is Joe pretending on Twitter like he's the one who came up with the "Traveler is evil" hypothesis when it was actually some chick on Kotaku who did rofl.
    1. We all know Joe plagiarizes stuff from other people, how do you think he makes his reviews?
  2. Its really amazing how many effor you put into a blog what only a few reads. So You doing this since March 16.

    That was 189 Days ago. You got 100 PAGE views per day. Less than 100 people visiting your blog. And I'm not counting refreshing the page You ain't gonna change anything. You can continue you hate-speech against somebody You clearly dont like. But you know what. Continue that. Reply me in an offending/douchy way... or just ignore me.. This is the last time I visited this page... Ops.. You just lost 1% off your views... or maybe more. Bye. Enjoy your life
    1. Learn how to spell dude, and do you expect me to wear a top hat while I type? BTW we all know you'll be back because your a greese ball, that and you probably turn tricks at a gas station. And I'm not doing this because of the views but to let people know what that asshat that calls himself angry Joe is up to, good day sir.
    2. English is not my first language...

      "BTW we all know "

      We... theres no we. Nobody beside you... Name one person who has the same view as you.. no... or maybe you are a schizophrenic person. That explains alot
    3. Haha, look at this guy white knighting for Angry Jew, what a pussy. Guess what kid, Joe doesn't even know who the fuck you are. He isn't going to thank you for riding his dick, he isn't going to pat you on the head and say "good boy" for being his white knight. You are nothing to him, he only cares about $$$ which is ironic considering he has no fucking clue how to run a business.
    4. What did I say, I knew you would come back. And dude look through the YouTube comments and the discussion on his YouTube account, the anger is all there. So no, it's not just me but a large percentage of his fanbase. And take Terry "Chocolate Orange" Brandstrom's advice, Joe ain't gonna let you touch his dick so stop sticking your ass in the air.
    5. Couldn't agree more. The dude is obsessed with the guy. Who sits and nit picks at every single thing a person making a living does? It's weird and strange. I think someone secretly has a crush on AJ.
    6. I never ever stated I was obessed with Angry Joe. I mean... wow. I never even commented on his videos. Not even part of his community. Not even following him on twitter. I just enjoy his videos. Also I only stated STATS.... you know. Numbers doesn't lie to you? So please don't state something what isn't true... Its really childis. Yes I was defending him, BECAUSE I DO enjoy his reviews, and I find it "weird" that someone makes a weekly blog how someone sucks.... But I never Circle Jerked around him... Check my history again... its a pity you took my comments out of context but oh well. Btw checking history.. You are strangly obsessed with him. No lie. You talk about every twitter he made, every comment he posted and EVERY video he recorded. I mean. Wtf..

      But... you know what, You are right, I'm a mean person when I got stated here that I want to have gay Sex with Angry joe, Or I look like a rapist. Yeah clearly I'm full of hate!

      So You win, please continue with your Amazing site...
    7. If you don't like how I do things then fine, your free to voice your opinion but you gotta stop taking things so seriously dude. As for the other guy why would you think I've got a "crush" on Angry Joe? That's just weird and wrong, why do you?
  3. Wow, that's the most childish and juvenile website, full of 12 year olds with anger issues going through puberty I've ever seen.
  4. he is just exposing what a low life, lieing son of a bitch that fat fucker really is.

    He isnt a champion for gamers against the corporations, he is stabbing us all in the back while making thousands of dollars.

    fuck him and his gay little 'army'

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