Sunday, 28 September 2014

Destiny - AngryJoe's Post-Review Discussion

When I saw this video I thought it might actually be something constructive that Joe had done, but you know what, it's basically Joe showing us part of a discussion him and Delrith were having. He even said this himself, it wasn't anything organized it was spontaneous and he just decided to record it and upload it. And is this going to be a thing, Joe randomly having his neckbeard buddy appearing on the show from now on. And what was up with that look that Delrith had, he looks like he's gonna murder someone. Maybe he heard everybody calling him a neckbeard, that or a Muslim  (Politically sensitive joke removed). 
Those eyes...
With that out of the way, let's talk about the actual video. Joe does make valid points about Destiny but it's just the tone in which he says it, a long story short Joe and the neck beard rant for a while on the game and basically say that Bungie has no clue how to make games and that they know how the game "should" have been made. It would be alright if they said this calmly but they had a dead serious tone the whole time which just shows how big their ego's are. And how can the video be called a discussion when it's just them two agreeing with what each other says, it's like they blow each other though knowing that Joe is single and it's mostly dude's on his show you could say that it's a possibility. See saved you from reading paragraphs, would you rather I bullet point it?


That's what happens when two friends talk, all they do is agree with each other
Because the neck beards are taking over
Because it's currently popular to go with the trends and hate on the game, that's the type of guy Joe is
Yeah, Delrith's looking like the guy from Blade


  1. Good old queen of the neck beard Delrith. He lets us all know how awesome he is by having that first place in back ground from a while ago and then spews out, Dhur we want alien weapons it not so hard to balance them", of course coming to this conclusion based on his years of game development...oh wait.
    1. That guy Delrith really seems to have a chip on his shoulder, just because he plays game's doesn't mean he knows how to make them.
  2. Pretty cool that Joe let Sasquatch on his show. I wonder if he gave him any beef jerky.

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