Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Destiny Angry Review

Angry Joe may have criticized many parts of this game but he is basically saying everything all other gamers and news outlets have already said because he plagiarized other reviewers articles. He even pointed this out himself on twitter, he does rant a lot in this review and it is warranted but he should have took a breath and thought it out before acting like a child who lost his candy. He says that when you meet the queen that it's setting stuff up which will be sold for DLC even though it's gonna be a public event so he's wrong on that one. He's just stating his opinion with no facts to back it up, he wastes so much time in this review stating the obvious pandering to the idiots with a lack of common sense. 

Taking what he said into account he still didn't mention may crucial facts about the game that people wanted to hear about, I'll bullet point them for convenience.
  • Barely mentioned the multiplayer
  • Didn't mention the public events
  • Didn't mention game modes
  • Didn't mention different weapon types
  • Vehicles, something he complained about in his interview but didn't mention in his review
  • Different enemy types
  • The console differences
  • The Free Updates
He was expecting the game to be something that never was, if he thought the games main focus was supposed to be clans, story, and the lore he is a fool. The games focus is playing with your friends and having fun, nothing else and it succeeds with flying colors in that regard. 

But in the end of the day you could say it's a flawed game, but it's still fun to play and everyone keeps coming back. Everyone was expecting it to be the new Halo and it wasn't so they just hated on the game without realizing what is was, Joe is one of these people and is just going with the flow. A 6/10 may be justified in some cases but it deserves more than that since it's a pretty damn good game and people were expecting the wrong thing.

Also notice how Joe is advertising the PS4 console by placing it in clear view when he's on the couch, and how he's using the PS4 version for the review. He's been jumping on the bandwagon again.


Need anything more be said
Someone who has seen the light
Exactly, this guy get's this game and understands that Joe is a retard.a
Because 12 year old retards, that's why


  1. Joe also fucked over Destiny players by revealing the Murder Cave of Wonders to his massive audience. Now watch it get patched. Also it is official now that Joe is a bandwagon jumping Sony Pony.
    1. Do you know that Joe was a bandwagon jumbing Microsoft fanboy before 2014? He only reviewed Xbox 360 and PC games. And when people asked him why he didn't buy a ps3 he said, "Oh ! I am sorry guys, I'm TOO POOR to buy a ps3!" He was clearly making fun of Sony for putting a huge price on the ps3. With all that , he is a 'sonypony'!
      And what is his verdict for Killzone : Shadowfall? 6/10. Yep, some 'Sony pony'
    2. You know who's more prejudiced Confused Matthew, who actually think Khan being played by White guy taking a job from a minority is less of a big deal than a few plot holes, I suspect he's very enthnocentrtic because of his dislike of anime from his review of Miyazaki's movie, maybe because he think Japanese people are inferior animators.

      Confused Matthew is the worst film critic, Angry Joe is superior to him in basically any other way, why dont you get mad at him instead
  2. I actually thought Joe was being his classic old self for once again finally. This seemed honest frustration with another terrible game which was hyped like crazy. I support him on this one even though I still hate his sellout ass
    1. A more fair review than that douchebag Confused Matthew, your actually mad at this, go watch Confused Matthew review Guardians of the Galaxy, that review sucks.

      Angry Joe will always be better than Confused Matthew, like how Megadeth is better than Metallica, if you can at least admit that I will count that as a personal victory

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