Friday, 12 September 2014

W40K: Eternal Crusade [Pre-Alpha] Impressions

Angry Joe smell's his own fart.
Why did Angry Joe even bother to do two new video's when he came back from PAX, and you can't even call these proper video's since they're almost 1 hour long. And Angry Joe brought back that fat neck beard because he he was just so charsmatic last time, and you can tell this was recorded right after the PAX video when Delrith (the neck beard) is wearing the same t-shirt. Joe must have been payed to support this game because he's included a link to their website and he's going full in because it's another free-to-play, what a sellout. Support games people care about instead of stupid niche stuff nobody cares about.

Sellout as usual.
Only the first five and a half minutes is really only watching, everything after that is just pre-alpha footage which is cool to see for a few minutes but after that it get's boring real fast. He should change the name of the video to better reflect it's contents because most of it is gameplay footage and not impressions. Like he even listens to feedback, anyway onto the comments:

And this is exactly why Joe is failing
Proof that Joe is a sell-out, I'm not the only one saying it
Only brain dead idiots and Angry faggots would want to watch hour long video's.

Well Joe's got his Destiny impressions video up and it's exactly the same as this one, he talks about what he liked and what he didn't like and then shows a long ass let's play footage.

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