Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Angry Joe shouts at fans on twitter

A typical Mexican Jumping Bean, aka Angry Joe
Just look at this sack of shit (no not that handsome devil in the picture above), complaining on twitter that he's pissed off over everyone asking for reviews on YouTube. They wouldn't be complaining if Joe would get off his lazy ass and put out some video's for a change, just look at his dumbass posts below:

What an inconsiderate asshole
Who the hell does he think he's talking too, acting like he's so superior, what an ignorant fuck!

He won't have that tone when his fans desert him and he won't get any YouTube money
No Joe you do shitty let's play's and plagiarized reviews, not "talk about fucking games"
Yeah that may be true but we made you what you are so show us some god damn respect
What cheek!
Seems like he's starting to crack under the pressure, we'll see how pathetic he gets on down the line.

Well wasn't that just riveting, just a little insight into the scumbag that is Joe Vargas, taking the Spoony One approach one step at a time. BTW actual Mexican jumping bean.

I knew it, Angry Joe wasn't human all along!


  1. This is blog is more racist than Confused Matthew, take this blog down for Hispanic stereotyping, Im Hispanic and I dont even speak Spanish. Take this down or I might call National Mexican American Anti Defamation Committee
  2. This comment has been removed by the author.
  3. Angry Joe can't do his old way because of Youtube copyrights. He got 2 strikes on his channel. Most of his videos were flagged by the developers because of copyrights. That is why he can't review games often like what he did before. I remember he reviewed the Edge of tomorrow but it was removed due to copyrights.

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