Sunday, 28 September 2014

28/09/2014 - Twitter Madness

It's been a generic week over at Angry Joe's Twitter so don't blame me for the lack of colorful posts. Joe's probably restraining himself because he isn't posting as much as the last couple of weeks. Though other than the picture of someone looking like Joe getting arrested, there isn't much to laugh at, anyway let's begin.

Joe lives in the world where you don't pay for disc locked content
Not too different from the average Mexican then
Yeah Joe we all know you have a hard-on for Wonder Woman
I bet you he won't upload any to YouTube or even review it
What's wrong with you Joe, the Total War series is as innovative as Call of Duty
How about you buy the game like a regular Joe (pun intended) instead of being a cheap bastard
I'm amazed that he even remembered it
Why is Joe complaining when he roll's in the big bucks over at Twitch and from his YouTube video's

Well did you get your weekly fix, be that either your Doritos and Mountain Dew fetish or your Twitter Madness fetish (if applicable). Why are you still here? Get lost!


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  2. Joe makes close to a thousand or more on twitch subs alone, not even counting his youtube income. He is Corporate Commander.
    1. And yet he refuses to do reviews unless he gets a FREE review copy of a game. He's Angry Jew.
    2. I know, I saw on Twitter that he was complaining about not getting a review copy, what a low life
    3. Terry your as much of a Nazi douche as that fascist Confused Matthew
  3. Fuck this racist blog, why dont you go back to Europe and take the other enthnocentrtic Confused Matthew with you.

    As a Hispanic Im mad at these racist comments against Mexicans
    1. Dude I obviously don't hate Mexicans, it's written in a comedic fashion and it may seem racist but it's there for comedic relief.

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