Friday, 5 September 2014

Angry Joe and the Airplane Incident

Only if this incident was as funny as this
If you've been paying attention to Joe's twitter feed you've probably see his idiotic rant about his airplane trip where he got into an argument about him reclining his chair back, he even proves why he is wrong in his own posts, he's just making an idiot of himself on the internet again.

People don't do things for no reason Joe.
Again Joe is not fully explaining the situation, telling half a story is a trait common in liars.
So he leaned his chair backwards when the woman behind him was using her laptop, why wouldn't she be upset and what did Joe do? Did he even apologize? No he must have kept doing it until the lady was forced to call for an attendant. And then two hours later he does it again when she was sleeping on the tray, Joe can't have everything his way because there's other people on the flight too. This coming from the guy who was complaining about the guys at PAX who were complaining about not getting preferential treatment.
Joe may be right but it doesn't mean other people should suffer for his comfort, he's probably acting like I'm Angry Joe bitches so shut the fuck up.
And Joe is angry over people saying he was wrong, well no fucking shit dickwad. Maybe next time he won't be a total asshole when traveling by air.

So did we all learn a lesson people, don't be an asshole on an Airplane and even better don't let everyone else on the internet know you've been an asshole. He was probably expecting pity when he posted this, what a loser.


  1. This guy is going to be the new Phil Fish. I can't wait to see the meltdown.
    1. Why are you mad at misunderstood geniuses when you could be mad at fascist douchebag Confused Matthew, who makes baseless accusations at Mel Brooks on his contribution on Young Frankenstein and The Producers

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