Friday, 1 January 2016

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Angry Movie Review

I refuse to believe that anyone actually like this piece of garbage. I watched the movie today in a cinema that I didn't even plan on going to, I had a 30 pound voucher and it costed me 28 pound for two fucking people. That's 8.80 a ticket, (usually it's 5 pound at my preferred cinema) and about 10 pound for two medium drinks and a medium popcorn which is slighter dearer than my usual cinema. I don't really care I spent that much since it wasn't any of my actual money but I'm pissed that it costed 28 pound to see a shitty movie. I could rant more but I'll end it here, the Odeon sucks and the Movie House rocks. Nuff said.

Now onto Joe's "Angry Review", it's autism central at Joe's house as usual because apparently he's just like every other reviewer who's been paid to say that this movie is great and that you should see it to make Disney more money. Remember that Disney bought the company that Joe is under on YouTube, so he's probably being paid as usual to spout all kinds of nonsense. I mean reviewers are meant to have a critical opinion and not sell your soul to the white slavers over at Disney to score some brownie points. But whatever, I know most of you fucks liked the movie to earn some nerd cred or some other crap. Later.

Also remember that Joe lost the original footage because he's a fucking idiot who can't even do a vlog right, I mean how stupid can one Mexican be?


  1. Did I say they were getting paid by Disney? No. And having an opinion makes me a hater, just because I didn't like the movie, fine by me. Doesn't change that the movie sucks.

  2. Fine by me, your opinion is your opinion,but don't treat it as a fact, and your "fact" about the movie being terrible is your opinion, not a fact. People love it or people hate it, simple as that.

  3. Tundramokous. What is your problem? Are you some kind of white knight who has a crush on Joe and his pedo friend?

  4. Nice way to dodge everything bad about you faggot.
    And I dont hate Joe or his sheeps I pity them and hope they will someday find the truth.

  5. Honestly what-ever-the-fuck-your-name-is, you complaining at all about Dirk's opinion just shows how much of a degenerate you are. Get the fuck over it and stop riding Joe's dick. He won't care about you being his knight in shining armor.

  6. For Harry Comment, your vendetta against Joe is still pathetic to me, but I will take your "consideration", and see them to myself; But, you hate Joe as much as Dillion the Hacker hate Pewdiepie. That my opinion about you.
    For Beats Comment, I don't care if I am a knight of Joe or not, I don't like how Dirk treated this movie like shit, even know it his opinion, and to my mistake, I'm sorry for my haste action toward him.

    1. Sorry, but even the most hardcore fans are saying the movie is garbage. You can still like it, but it won't change the fact that it's a rehashed piece of shit.

  7. Wow, you guys must be obsessed to yourselves about us thinking we're Joe's "white-knights" even though we have different opinions about him.

    Ah, the Internet. It's starting to get worse soon.

  8. Simple, I don't like haters in any part of the internet, as long they treat as their opinion that fine by me.

  9. So you dont even know what a hater is? Keep pwning urself please its funny xd

  10. "shoved in your face feminism"

    I keep hearing this shit alot and it amazes me that everyone's calling out on Rey for being an overpowered woman but not Anakin for being an overpowered man. And please, don't give me the "He's Darth Vader in the future" excuse. That doesn't excuse him for having no experience with piloting a starfighter yet take down a CIS ship by himself.

    "catering to black people for no reason and in a horribly dumb way."

    So does Lando Calrissian and Mace Windu count as black people too?

    1. The difference is, Vader wasn't overpowered in either trilogy. Anakin as a kid only took down the CIS ship as a kid with R2 helping him pilot the ship. Also, in his first Dark Jedi battle, he horribly lost to the point of getting amputated. He didn't defeat someone with more experience than him without training.

  11. "The focus of this franchise never was to sell toys, that was just a nice bonus for them,"

    Excluding Episode 3 and 7, every Star Wars movies were rated PG, and that's a movie rating that's targeted towards both kids and adults. And since little boys are really into action and adventure, guess what? Star Wars is full of them. So which do you think the franchise will sell more? Baby wipes, plastic cups, and vehicles that promote Star Wars, or action figures, video games, and cereals that promote Star Wars?

    "Where in your bloody head do you get that this is a kids story?"

    Never said that this is a kids story. I said this is a kids franchise.

    " Have you any idea how deep star wars goes???"

    Jesus christ. You sound like those manchildren who bitch about how the 90s cartoons are better than todays cartoon. No one cares how "deep" Star Wars went. In fact, tt would have never given you the "deep" story if they didn't sell merchandises.

    "Dont need examples of the bad acting, just look at the fucking movie, how do you need explaination of their acting being bad when you can see it yourself?? That is like explaining why justin bieber cant sing...."

    One, the movie is still out in theaters, and I'm not going to waste more of my money just to see it twice. Two, you're meaning to tell me you can't just give me one single line from the movie? Unless you're short term memory loss, your argument on shitty acting isn't gonna hold well. Three, as if episode 7 is the only one that has shitty acting. In fact, every Star Wars film had a shitty acting moment, including the originals.

    "How is Anakin overpowered when most he does fails, ruins his soul and he gets played like a fool into falling for the darkside?"

    Let's see..

    Have no experience with piloting a starfighter but takes down a CIS ship? Check.

    Whenever Obi Wan/Padme is in trouble or is about to die, Anakin saves him? Check.

    Always turns the battle on Planet "Insert name here"? Check.

    Wins the love of an ex queen disregard of telling her that he murdered the female and children Tusken Raiders? Check.

    Need I say more?

    "Anakin had flaws, this mary sue bitch has none."

    Well it is Episode 7, and we still got two more episodes..

    "Lando and Mace were not included or pushed to the forefront for the sole purpose of pleasing the crowd."

    Why should it matter to you that Finn is black? Why should it matter to anyone? I bet you wouldn't have a problem if Finn was asian, mexican, or a freaking middle eastern. Racist much?

  12. lol love it how you assume im an AJ fanboy.

    "Shit I'm losing an argument. Better pull the AJ fanboy card."

  13. In no way was I losing, I pwned you on every point and because you are so pathetic that you cant take it that your horrible movie gets picked appart you pull the rascist card on the least rascist person in the world, I love every single human being so you just owned yourself again.
    Others here already know I hate rascists because we had some dude on here acting like he was black and saying nigger every other sentence but whatever.

  14. Oh yeah, if you are not an angry joe fanboy and never been here before you must be really sad...
    Did you seriously just google star wars the force awakens and come here of all places to shill for the movie?? REALLY?!?!?
    Now that is really something else rofl you shills dont have a soul do ya?