Sunday, 5 October 2014

05/10/2014 - Twitter Madness

Well it's been an entire week and he hasn't put up a video, not even something from his Twitch live streams. He's probably not putting them up as to direct traffic to there because he wants everybody to subscribe so he can make moar money, what a hypocrite. Anyway, let's see those tweets. 

Come on guys pity him, I mean it's not like he works or anything? Oh wait he doesn't so there's no excuse for him saying it's stressful, and he's got to be the biggest low life to say he can't do a review for the new Alien game since he doesn't have a review copy. He can buy the bloody game like the rest of us instead of being a cheap bastard.
Who the hell cares about this shit?

That's good news but the review is still a week or two off, and nobody cares about the neck beard. Stop pushing his content Joe.

Oh great, more mobile and free to play shit, this is why people don't like him anymore


  1. What is worse than Joe is his die hard fans. We have seen Joe focus more on twitch because it makes him more money, and is easier to do. Guess the contact with polaris does not cover twitch and he knows it. He complains about not getting the game for free but guess what. There are hundreds of youtubers who go out and buy a game, actually play it themselves(because he does not always play the entire game himself, or he quits like in ESO at lvl 10), make a review that is more in depth, and they do not even get a piss in the bucket amount of views this guy does. Recall on his twitter where he threaten to close comments? It is coming because you agree with him or fuck you. I am shocked that he regularly insults people in videos that may like the game when he hates it.
    1. That's just Joe's ego speaking, ever since that whole internet copyright thing that happened a while ago he's been pushing his twitch like nobody's business. Joe's just trying to be a cheapskate and everybody knows it.
    2. What worse is Confused Matthew who like to be the party pooper, with his asinine fascist comments on what he think is art, such as his retarded reviews of No Country for Old Men, Cloud Atlas, and 2001 A Space Odyssey.

      I dont really care that much about those movies, but his reviews piss me off. Go mad at Confused Matthew instead at Angry Joe
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  3. Angry Jew got his free copy of Shadows of Mordor then was like "got what I wanted, no time for a review trolololololololol!" Bet Monolith feels stupid for sending him one now...
    1. I can't believe he actually did that, he basically told everyone he wasn't going to review it in his latest video. What an asshole.
    2. Confused Matthew is an asshole to basically everyone who does not have his fascist art ideals, almost calling people idiots for not liking the same things he does his reviews

      stop getting mad at Angry Joe and redirect that to Confused Matthew

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