Monday, 14 March 2016

Angry Joe threatens legal action and his response/rant

If you haven't heard already then I'll tell you, apparently Joe has threatened legal action against me and this blog for things that I haven't even done. Looks like all those peso's have finally gone to his head.

Here's the threats he sent me over email:

And now I've legally got you requesting this information and participating in an unlawful hack Ciaran.
Thanks for encouraging this shit.
I've never done anything to you and you attack me like this? and encourage it?

If you post anything related to this hack Ciaran.
I WILL take LEGAL action against you. I know your address and I also know the identity of the hacker.
I will not STAND for this - this is an unlawful act, even in your country.
The authorities will be involved.

So be prepared for Legal Action as soon as you post any of my private sensitive information.
I will also get in contact with your web server host and google itself if this continues.
Wow, now let's all see who Angry Joe truly is.

And here's what he sent me afterwards, I've included my reply below his rant.

Wow. You are really two-faced aren't you?
Del showed me what you wrote on your hate blog.
I guess I'm just far too trusting of people...

Well, I don't have two faces so I don't know how I'm two faced. Oh and does Delrith "the paedo furry who likes bill murry" tell you everything? Seems likely. 

Thanks for not posting my personal information... Even though you put my earnings on blast.
Well post THIS asshole - you have my permission, let's see if you care about the truth and the real story, or if you hide inconvenient emails from the people you mislead about me every day.

Why thank you, I'll take that as a compliment. And what exactly have I been hiding from people? I've been as open as a whore from Morocco with one leg. Misleading my ass, I speak the truth and nothing but the truth. You don't earn seven dollars as we all thought, you've let all those peso's go to your head bro.

I work fucking hard. My show never stops. I put in 60-80 hour weeks, without vacation, without sick leave without a break. I quit my job and barely made ends meet till I could build up my show from NOTHING. 0 Subs. With NO ONE else building me up. I dealt with people like you, your constant hate speech about my ethnic background regardless of where I was born (Austin, TX), your daily attempts to destroy and defame me with any lie you can come up with, turn me into someone I'm not because you have some kinda insecurity or need for meaningless negative attention daily on the internet. An addiction and a sad lifestyle.

Playing video games isn't hard, you give yourself too much credit. And you say you work 60-80 hours a week without breaks or vacation? Yeah we all know that to be true, oh and how was Paris and Europe. Oh wait I forgot you don't take breaks. Silly me. Don't try and lie your way out of this one, Joe. You do realize TGWTG are partly to thank for your "e-fame" for lack of a better term, though I think generic angry mexican is a better term. You've got quite the victim complex. Boo hoo, you do realize people work themselves to the bone and have all kind of crosses to bear these days and yet you have the gall to complain. Say the same things to others and see what there response is. 

And IM the money grubbing asshole because I EARN my Income? You throw around those numbers like you know what they mean.
Consider that Maker takes a cut and that I ALSO have 2 employee's; OtherJoe & Delrith my best friends whom I try to support and you try to damage! EVERY DAY.

Wew lad, don't get ahead of yourself. You chose to bring them aboard so you don't get to complain. And nice headcannon Joe, I don't try and damage you EVERY DAY. You think too highly of yourself. 

I've been doing youtube what 7 years now? so you do the lifetime math, we honestly probably make the least of any youtuber at our subscriber level.
I read of youtube lets players who take EVERY DEAL, (who NEVER DISCLOSE, and STILL DONT disclose) and make insane amounts of money, far more than me, at lower subscriber levels too. Millions a YEAR, not lifetime. Then you got the big guys like pewdiepie makes something like $14 million A YEAR? Yet I'm the god damn grubby asshole that makes too much money for videos that are full productions? I'm the target for 4chan or hate blogs because I have opinions on games that gets unstable people's panties in a bunch. Enough just over a game OPINION that they devote the next 2 years of their life to posting about me every day on a hate blog full of lies? That's you. THOSE GUYS make more than a million dollars a month. And you know what? Good. Good for them. I hope that pisses you off every time you realize it. Every time you say what they or I do is "EASY" then answer me this? Why aren't you making that kinda money if it's so fucking easy?! Instead of making shit off your trash shit stain blog you work so often on.
I hope that really pisses you off how much I make and how much he makes.

You don't get my panties in a bunch because I don't wear any, though some of my jimmies do get rustled. You are trying to make it seem that I'm jealous of you when I think you are jealous of the others on Youtube who make big dollar. No wonder you try and be like PewDiePie, he's your senpai. 

So, tell me Ciaran, how does it feel to know that you are literally attacking a person who tries to support his friends with jobs and a huge percent of everything he makes, a person who makes far less than any of his peers because he has principles, and yet you make me out to be some kinda super villain because you take my "7 dollars" quote where I was pointing out big corporations are taking money out of our pockets and turning their backs on us as a community, all while I get taxed at some ridiculous percent while they get taxed NOTHING. Note, I never said all I ever made was 7 dollars or that I only have 7 dollars to my name you dumb shits! I was illustrating a fucking visual point.
Remember, you chose to support them, that's a choice so stop trying to garner sympathy. You are called 7 dollar Sanchez for a reason, you don't need me to explain why. 

So now you will post about me every day, but not because I'm evil, or deserve getting hacked. But because YOU want to. You love me. You want to know everything I say. You wait for my every move. So wait for my next move. Study what I do and write novels about how I open my chickfila nugget boxes (wow your obsessive). If that's what you need to be happy. But be very careful with libel, defamation and slander Ciaran. I don't think you understand the law in Belfast.
And I do things on principle, I think you believe that, and if you cross the line again then expect to your blog to be treated as such.
You might want to spend the next few days/weeks combing your website. Each and every post, each and every sentence, check it all to see if you are within the law.
Someone already took you down, for what you never did tell us. But im sure it would be just as easy to do again if you violate terms of service with blogger, your host or google (search engine).

Kek, a foreigner telling me how the law works in Belfast. Wow, I knew you were stupid but this takes the cake. I think it's you who clearly doesn't understand how things work, amigo. And stop implying the blogger takedown had anything to do with you, nice dubs, check them. Which I alreayd did explain, my blogger account received multiple dmca takedown requests because I translate anime, mango and light novels for FREE and the nips in Japan didn't really like that. That's why.

To the rest of you haters who lick Ciaran's balls every day. Keep Licking. You don't deserve independent thought. Make yourselves miserable, you guys deserve it.
So post this Ciaran. You want a follow up story to my online hack and how much money the show makes actually makes?
HERE it is! An Exclusive! Just for you - a supposed former "concerned fan" who thinks Joe has sold out (all while I decline thousands of dollars a month on shit promo deals that I cant in good conscious take - where was your post on those?) Exactly what you wanted, right?
Well no longer. In fact I think I'll start taking far more deals (ones that make sense and are for good products) and making far more money for you to write about (Stop letting people like you dictate how much I make or if I should be afraid to support something I believe in, like a good game or a good product). Yeah, that sounds good. Make it to where my friends can better secure their futures and we can do even bigger things for our show for you to complain and cry about. So how about it Ciaran? Deal?

Ewww, you gay brah? Nobody licks my balls like Delrith licks yours, stop pushing your fetishes onto me. And I don't think you sold out, the entire internet KNOWS you sold out because you've done paid promotions out of the asshole and the eternal Jew's own your ass and you know it. And no Joe, stop acting as if you are building a better future because you aren't. You clearly think too highly of yourself and are acting like DSP time and time again. Maybe you want to be him, I don't know. And speaking of crying, are your tears salty Joe? I think they are. So why don't you go make a fool of yourself somewhere else, you've already taken too much of my time already. 

Dr Jones signing off. 
Well, what do you think of them apples?


  1. He called someone a redditfag for using the term kek.. and you do as well. How is pointing out the obvious having a headcanon lol. Ahh you are too easy bucko. I've exposed your hypocrisy and lies and made you look like a fool in the process. Keep shilling bro.. you do the work for us. =D

  2. >nice dubs, check them.
    trying way too hard lad.
    >look at me i use 4chin lingo outside of 4chan!
    I bet you say kek irl you twink.
    Joe is a faggot but so are you.

  3. Did you learn the definition of implying recently. Jesus christ are you that stupid that there is nothing else in that brain of yours to counter people with lol. What a tool.

  4. Ahhhh......the comments section.....

    I LOVE IT!


  5. No one is obsessing faggot. I just like to show his brain dead followers how hypocritical and contradicting this wannabe is.

  6. Are you sure you should be up at that time, it's past your bedtime after all. And if anyone is a wannabe it's you and your senpai Joe.

  7. Then tell that to the men and women of the services industry, they'll tell you that it isn't real "work". Try chopping down trees for 9 hours a day or standing in a kitchen for 9 hours and then come back to me.

  8. Who's the guy in that picture about the 7 dollars? It certainly isn't the Hispanic Bob Chipman lookalike who currently hosts the Angry Joe show.

  9. 8 o clock, I think that's way past your bedtime. And you say your older than me, kek and you still get butt flustered coming here.

  10. Implying I don't already have one, try harder.

  11. The sad thing is Joe would make more money if he went back to reviews and rants and dropped the movies and let's plays.

    Tons of fans dropped him because they felt he lost all integrity. Sure he recouped the losses but they all use adblock and don't pay for YouTube red like his original fanbase did.

    He would do much better for himself going back to old Joe. His new fans would finally see what we once saw and maybe he could win a lot of us back.