Wednesday, 16 March 2016

GHOSTBUSTERS - Angry Trailer Reaction

Quickly, make a stupid meme reaction so people will click bait into the video thinking something funny will happen. Seriously catering to retarded 12 year olds will be the end of Joe when they finally wake up. I try not to judge too much by the trailers. I've had it happen quite a bit where I was kind of lukewarm about the trailer but watched the movie anyway and enjoyed it. I've also had really awesome trailers end up leading me into watching films that I wished I could bleach out of my brain after. This is probably one of them.

Acording to the comment section: Feminism has destroyed ghostbusters! Honestly I couldn't give a shit though everyone is getting their nickers in a bunch. My response: Get the fuck out of here. This movie is gonna suck because it has a bad script. It has nothing to do with having women protagonists who aren't funny in any way and only in it because political correctness and their agenda. Stop trying to fit everything into your worldview shitlord, regardless if it fits or not. Anyway Joe is both wrong and right in the video, though he clearly thinks just because it's women that means it isn't Ghostbusters but does have a clear enough understanding of the situation. Except he shouldn't be biased in giving his opinion and should be level headed.

I think I'll just leave this here. 

Here's why Joe can't use the entire trailer and make money on it. Showing the ENTIRE trailer in your video disqualifies you from "fair use" and leaves you open to copyright claims/strikes. This seems to be from a twitch stream and maybe it works fine there, but youtube is different and you'll get your ass smacked by copyright if they actually knew what they were doing.


  1. they really raped ghostbusters lol

    Indeed its not just that they went with a women version (which is retarded without a good instory explaination) but they took some of the most retarded women in hollywood who cant act. And im pretty sure the black women is a dude with a 20cm penis but whatever. Wouldnt be the first time hollywood pushes transgenders, you'd think joe would like it because of that, maybe he/she isnt muscled enough though.

    1. Why not Halle Berry? I would have loved to see her twerking at the ghosts.

  2. That fat cunt isn't funny at all. Very few fat comedians are, since their entire routine is self-deprecating jokes and "I'm fat lol" physical comedy.