Saturday, 12 March 2016

Gods of Egypt Angry Movie Review (Vlog)

Another movie review, this guy has done more movie reviews than actual video game reviews. And where the hell is that other top ten video that Joe said he would do. I guess he has his priorities straight with all that sponsorship on his Twitch account. You can just see by the look on his face that he's not interested in giving his fan base what they want. Because...

It seems Joe has a problem with the casting of the movie because there's white people playing Egyptians or some other kind of liberal bullshit. I find it very interesting that people like Angry Joe are fine with Heimdal being a black man. Somehow it's only wrong only when it's whites. The only thing worse than actually making a video about this movie is actually going to see the movie itself, you go in expecting it to be crap and you get upset because it was crap even though you knew what you were getting from the get go. This is just a stupid click bait tactic to see lel epic reddit funny man xd get angry because that's funny, right?

Whatever, Dr Jones out.

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