Monday, 7 March 2016

06/03/2016 - Twitter Madness

Twitter Madness is back baby! This week we've got lots of stupid shit from Joe's twitter, I mean the dude is obviously a Superman fanboy so much that he takes the battle to Twitter. He also spammed Twitter with his terrible political opinion as if his voice matters, he really has it out for Trump mostly since he will be deported if Trump has his way. Butthurt Benico ahoy!

Boo hoo, looks like Joe can't handle the heat.

Jesus H Christ in that Jesus and Budda Anime, no one cares about this Joe. Also nice to know you are still a massive fanboy.

No Joe, stop pretending you actually played those back in the day. Shame on you, poser.

Yeah right, I bet it's just him sucking up to developers. 

FURRY ALERT! I bet Delrith's going to see it again.

Hahaha, Joe just got BTFO. Notice how he never replied.

Dear lord, these more of this idiocy. 

Implying you can get away with making money off their content without their permission Joe.

Joe: Boo hoo I want to make money off your content.
Yeah, Joe thinks he can use other people stuff for his own purposes. This guy doesn't know how the world works.

That's it for this week, folks. Dr Jones singing off.


  1. Joe's getting political? He's too much of a simpleton for that. Leave the politics alone Joe. Speaking of Spoiled Children...

  2. Maybe because he knew how much flak he would have got if he did a good video on it. It's more of him dodging a bullet and trying to garner sympathy than having integrity.

  3. I will just do that. By the way, i remember saying Dirk should embed one of those Global visitors thingy, so WE ALL could see if he is lying or not. I don't really care. But it's funny, you turned off troll mode because you couldn't manage to upset anyone with your cock jokes. Don't hit your ass on your way out.

  4. He's just projecting because he thinks his words mean something.