Friday, 25 March 2016

Batman v Superman Angry Movie Review & Spoilers Discussion

Basically this is the video: LOL I'LL SCREAM AND ACT ANGRY FOR DA VIEWS XDDD
Got it? Now go away and fuck off somewhere else. Also if the reviewer makes a dumb exaggerated face in the preview pic then you know the video isn't worth watching. If you still haven't got it. 

I mean... am I just weird for not finding it funny? I don't understand, it's beyond amateur.

Actually he was mixed about the movie, 7/10 as a fan,(fucking pussy) but 6/10 from a critical perspective. but he made a fair point that Killing Superman within 2 movies was a really dumb move. My main gripe is the way he just talks over his two buddies, like constantly. While Joe's voice is perctly heard I can't say the same for the others, I mean give your friends a mic so they don't have to strain to hear their voices to be heard. WELL DONE PISSED PEDRO!

I like how 7 Perso Pablo always waits for a general reception even though he gets invited to pre-screenings to make sure not to offend his audience.

What a beaner. 

Biggest fanboy that loved MoS says there's shit he fucking hated. JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP. Wait, seriously? He's the biggest pleb ever. Thought he would love the movie. I guess it's a love/hate thing for Irate Innaritu. He always waits to see what the general consensus of the mainstream public will be about the movie before making the review. He knows it fucking sucks, he just doesn't want to seem contrarian to his fans. So he is just biding his time. Angry Joe isn't "angry" unless it suits him and his fans. Though if you had an army of nerds willing to cuck themselves to you, you would try to appease them too.. for the shekels
Joe's avatar has him looking fit as fuck but he's a greasy beaner in his videos, just hit the gym you fat burrito and lose those chinese phonebook chins.

Anyway this is what I guess he would say before he made the video:

  • he will make a video where he talks to the camera
  • his eyes will be watery
  • his face will be puffy
  • he will have a hoarse voice
  • he will cough after each laugh
  • he will look miserable
  • he will complain about batman killing people
  • you dun fucked it up, dc heheheh ooh *cough cough*

How did I do? Also there's two fucking video's and you've got to be the biggest moron in the planet to watch both of them, though I'm guessing most of you did because you are retarded or had nothing better to do.


  1. Man of Steel was Michael Bay's dream come true. How could he loved that shit is beyond comprehension. So much wrong with that movie, only a god tier fanboy could have enjoyed that. Superman and Zod destroys half the city and nobody gives a shit.

    1. one of the best part in man lastis is that he kills zod - he breaks rule of superman no killing + he killed last of his famil rofl. what a retard

  2. yeah this was retarded. Also the only praise I read is that Affleck was a good batman which I just cant accept. His smug fuckface just doesnt say 'batman' to me, imo affleck would have been much better to play lex luthor.

  3. Forgot to mention when they fuckin destroy everything, again, without Superman ever trying to take the fight to a less populated area.
    Is this what people want to watch? Are children setting up the standards now?

  4. "He always waits to see what the general consensus of the mainstream critic/public will be about the game/movie before making the review" and adjusts it accordingly - it's been his modus operandi for as long as I can remember.

  5. Also I'd like to point out he's been hyping the shit out of this movie or was. And than in his "reaction" to the civil war trailer he says right at the beginning that marvel are the "leaders" make up yur goddamn mind for once joe.

  6. YES YES YES YES YES. Although I will admit I was a little disappointed with it I will definitely watch it again. Can never say the same for MOS