Thursday, 24 March 2016

Civil War Trailer #2 - Angry Reaction

Another movie video. Yawn. Where's my reaction video for the new X-men trailer? Oh wait Joe only does video's when it suits him. I'm also kind of annoyed he got the characters fighting on the wrong teams in the video. The end of the video shows who is fighting with who... and Scarlet is on Cap's team while Vision is on Stark's team. (yes we know Vision was a Cap man in the comic) And Widow is Stark's team too, though he mention's that she is on Cap's. What a retard. Other Joe barely got to say anything as usual because fuck you it's my show.

It's funny how in the Batman vs. Superman trailer, Joe says something about crappy CGI. Yet he fails to mention the crappy CGI around the 1:57 mark. Did anyone else see the how Robert Downey's head seems to be off-centered from the suit? It looks likes he has a crook in his neck which looks a bit too unatural. He talks about them "cramming" more characters here but it works because for most of them you had 10 years of movies to get to know them, while for BvS the only character that has been flashed out is Superman, we know nothing about the others. Joe just loves to scream his head off when trailers show too much but makes excuses when marvel does it. dude you are such a hypocrit and need to stfu. you are a superman fan only when it suits you or your reviews. do us all a favor and Stay on marvels dick.

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