Saturday, 5 March 2016

Layers of Fear Angry Review

Wow, two reviews in one week. Though the intro segment may be funny, the rest of the review sadly isn't. It's a long an dreary mess of a review where he lengthens the video by showing random clips from Twitch, LAZY! Why does the dialog in this review sound nothing like Joe would say? I think that he's plagiarizing IGN and Gamespot's written reviews again, obviously using big words trying to sound more professional. And the review is lazily 17 minutes long, heck you could edit the first couple of minutes and that would tell you if you want to buy this game or not. But whatever, this is Angry Joe so that means quantity of quality.

And why the hell is he making comparisons to Silent Hills PT? I mean is that the only first person horror game he's played? Oh wait we all know the answer to that question, casual Joe ahoy! I bet he hasn't even played Penumbra. He gives the game a 6/10 and that's far too low in my opinion, the game obviously tried to give the player something different but I guess people don't like that. I for one actually really liked the paintings and all that Jazz, it reminded me of a certain horror film that I can't remember the name of. Anyway it's a good game and you should check it out, it's also not full price 60 dollars so that's an extra incentive to play it. Anyway this is Dr Jones signing off, see ya.

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