Friday, 18 March 2016

AJ's Battlefleet Gothic Armada Developer Preview!

Right off the bat, let me guess that it's a paid promotion. I know for one thing that it probably is but Joe won't tell you that because muh gaymer reputation and all. Did you know he actually took a flight from the granddaddy US of A to Yurop just to get this developer preview video done? Exactly, didn't think most people even knew Joe has left his house. Joe's also included a link to buy the game in the video's description and includes other links that appear during the video. Smells like a paid promotion, probably is a paid promotion. Not to mention that the video is freaking over 40 mins long, heck the average attention spam of an "Angry" Joe fan is next to that of a gnat. Why a gnat? Because it's got to be fucking something.

Anyway it's a long and boring video which only interests retards who can't be arsed to check out the game themselves without having to watch an autistic mexican's retarded video. That's the down low and that's a rap. Now fuck off you bunch of furries and watch Zootopia.


  1. More like the angryjoesucks fans are on suicide watch. One negative word towards their faggot obseased joe wannabe master and you little dick lickers come out the woodwork. Ahhh the hypocrisy. I wouldn't expect a bunch of uneducated virgin hateful dipshit losers to see the hypocritical nonsense they spew. Keep making yourselves look like the very thing you make fun of. Seriously, you idiots are too easy.

  2. Not one time have i said joe doesnt deserve to be picked apart. It's the manner in which you do it which is hypocritical and overly dramatic just like he talks about joe being. He is a wannabe joe. His constant posts about joe caring what other people think and then him defending himself daily shows just how stupid ciaran really is. Any person with a brain can see ciaran is just as pathetic as joe is. So stop trying to lop all of us in as joe defenders. We ate doing exactly whay he does.. pick someone apart. Stop with the hypocritical nonsense. It's down right idiotic at this point.

  3. It's fun and takes up about 5 minuts out my week. I dont even like joe all that much. He's ok. This is an entertaing way to have some shits and giggles. I wouldnt take anything i say too seriously. I like ciaran just like to troll.

  4. If Dirk is a troll, he is still right about a few things, even if the rest are over exaggerated bullshit.
    Joe really did become a self-righteous sellout, who thinks he really is doing a HUGE favor for everyone and acts like the work he does (all that 60 hours a week flying to different dev studios to suck their balls) is in some way progressing humanity. And it's not just his Angry Joe character. Its Joe Vargas.

  5. We're not fat, gordito, or a Jew, you just learned anything from Donald Trump instead of praying to your lord savior Jesus Christ trying to act like Trump is your own god like the North Koreans did.

    1. As what the Admins on the AJSA Forums told me, if I want to agree on your side, I will not becoming part of the AJSA like MadDemon64 did.

    2. You send slander and lies to Angry Joe himself.

    And 3. You are associating with a hacker who hacked Joe's account and you praised it for your karma. That wasn't funny at all, it was brutally disgusting. You're like TamTamPamela who praised god for the deaths of Japanese people affected by the earthquake and tsunami 5 years ago.

    I hope your secondary blog gone off the deep end real soon.

  6. lol @ believing muslims are responsible for terrorism

    and rofl @ fatdemon trying to hide the fact he is joes little slave

  7. Oh look at this faggot trying to white knight muslim manure. Fucking PC retards would apologize for being white while being raped by niggers. Holy shit you're a stupid motherfucker.

  8. CIA created al qaida to fight russia under leadership of Tim Osman (osama bin laden).
    After the faked downfall of al qaida they created ISIS.
    The same leaders still control that group.

  9. All Muslims are either terrorists or terror symapthizers. They all believe if you dont submit to Islam you must die, even the ragheads in Indonesia and Malaysia.