Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Angry Joe's Board Game Project

First question: How the hell did Joe get the IP for Dragon Ball, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter?

Second question: Does Joe actually think people give a shit?

Third question: If this another kickstarter scam? (If you didn't know he's going to kickstarter it.)

Now that's enough of the fucking questions, amirite? I mean seriously who the hell cares about a stupid board game where three different IP's fight each other? Put your hand down tumblr and! That goes for any Angry Army fanboies too! And let's not forget that Joe is counting on YOU (yes that means all you ugly fuckers out there too) and the Angry Army to "SUPPORT" him in this endeavour that nobody cares about. Which means that he's expecting earth currency probably ameritard dollars to fund him, bitcoin and Keiser Report btfo.

The whole thing sounds like a sham, and I think people were expecting an actual video game since that's what Joe is SUPPOSED to be all about. But whatever video games are for weebs and morons anyway, board games is where the shit is at nowadays with zzzzzzzzz...... and zzzzzzz....... and lots of MONEY MONEY MONEY. MOTHER FUCKING MONEY DEPENDENCE AND TOO MUCH OF HEAVEN BRINGS YOU UNDERGROUND.

Wrong video but who cares anyway, I'm feeling lucky in my life right now.

Captain Autismo singing out. 


  1. No we havent, show a quote instead of talking nonsense.
    Weve only been exposing what a lying hack he is up until now, now its obvious nobody but the biggest tools still support him and thus he is done.

  2. Act like im black? I am black you dumb fuck. Half that nigga talk was to rile you up and you fell for it hook line and sinker. God.. i can only imagine what its like to be your ass... jesus i can't even imagine how sad your lofe really is.

  3. I never did a stream? You claim I said that joe was over before, and then I ask for proof and you spout nonsense about streams??? Are you really this dumb or what?
    And if you think his popularity has risen you must be braindead as fuck rofl. Joe was the so called champion of gamers and now he is nothing but a big fat joke!
    Money doesnt mean shit lol fuck you must be 12 years old with your idiotic thoughts and childish values... I almost feel bad for slapping you around like this, almost. And you never heard of adblock either? Poor pathetic fool xd

  4. Jesus harry.. i don't think they've invented a word yet that describes how fucked in the head you are.

  5. Don't be so hard on yourself colset homo. Sorry i made you look like a complete imbecile above man.. i feel bad picking on someone as uneducated as yourself.