Wednesday, 20 January 2016

AngryJoe Cowboy Action Shooting! [Hard West]

A paid promotion, sigh. And what the hell is wrong with the sound quality, couldn't Joe afford a better mic with all that Jew gold he gets from donations. And does Joe ever wash that Superman T-shirt? I swear he probably wears it to bed too. Anyway it's just a long and boring video of Joe shooting at the gun range, the only downside is that someone didn't shoot Angry Joe for being an illegal immigrant while he was there. Joe's stance and tone during the video is also both unprofessional and childish, I mean who the heck acts like an idiot out in the open? Oh wait I've answered my own question.

Verdict: Skip it, it's long, boring and a paid promotion. Sellout scumbag.


  1. He probably has like...20 Superman shirts.

  2. Delrith is so grotesque that I don't think he has preference. Guys, girls, horses,'s all fair game for him.

  3. I wonder if he will even mention the mortal kombat x dlc fiasco for pc after he gave that game a 8/10.