Saturday, 9 January 2016

Angry Joe Exposed!

You heard it here first busters, Angry Joe has been blown open like a peruvian flute band in Germany getting raped by Migrants. Oh yeah, I went here bitches! Ain't no thang but a chicken wing!

Sent to me by an unidentified source (stop looking at me) on the interwebs, it shows that Joe was trying to gain contact with creative assembly. I'm guessing the developer thought it would be funny to shame Joe on the net by sending me this, I mean it's not like I hacked into Joe's computer and have been recording EVERYTHING that's been happening on his desktop, don't be silly. Though in all seriousness let's analyze this startling event.

1. He begs for review codes
2. He wants to do video's on Rome Total War 2
3. He's cheeky and snarky in his email
4. He brags about how much effort goes into a video
5. Tells them upfront that he can only make video's by gaining ad revenue

Well, what do all you guys think about this revelation?


Now that I've had my fun and games I'll tell you that this was actually written by Joe himself years ago, how do you like them apples?

Proof that Joe made that:


  1. Dude
    Peruvian flute bands are protecting us from giant guinea pigs
    i doubt economic migrants called "refugees" will hurt them

  2. Another example is that this is an email that wasn't sent lol. Notice the send button... lol. Dirk your smarter than this dude. I applaud your effort but even you knew it was bogus before you posted about it. This would have had to been screen capped by joe then sent to you. At least you know your followers can't think for themselves and would just run with it. Very clever...

  3. If you are saying "you've been saying this for 3 years" and I demand proof that its been 3 years, how sick in the head must you be to twist it into what you are thinking? Seek help dude for real.

  4. Calling me, one of the few real christians, gay btw is going to make you burn even harder in hell, please continue you deserve it.

  5. I said you had a boyfriend and you comeback as me saying thats an insult? Lol...hahahahahaha what an idiot. I just call out closeted homosexuals. Nothing wrong with being gay.. but theirs something wrong with being gay and acting like its the worst thing ever. Who the fuck is copying your posts?! Wow dude... seek help. Keep replying.. it's showing me exactly how dumb you are.

  6. Anyways gtg now, dont cry too much alright?
    You'll never be as awesome as I am but thats okay, dont beat yourself up over it. Maybe if you try very very hard one day the day will come that people dont burst out laughing when you walk by or start talking.
    Im done with your pathetic ass though, you might be even more messed up than MD64 and I quit pwning that dude because he almost killed himself.
    Good luck in life and I hope I never see you again xd

  7. Shit... your 12 lol. Nobody over the age of 12 would say "you'll never be as awesome as i am" hahaha hahaha... never change dickhead.. never change

  8. It's fake. Nice try though. Almost got me

  9. The difference is fishy is indeed on a lifemission for his gay overlord, Im just trolling the fuck out of him because pwning these punks is just so much fun xd Glad to have entertained ya bro.

  10. But the email isn't fake, Joe himself was the one who took it. So how did you "expose" that the email was fake again?

  11. yeah its most likely true but then theyd have to admit their great leader is the joke of the games industry

  12. rofl this fishy fag is just sick in the head...
    First he claims he has proven that Ive been saying Joe is done for over 3 years, which he hasnt.
    And now he claims he exposed this email being fake? LOLLLLLLLLLL WHEN?! XD
    Poor fellow is really messed up maybe you should join me in ignoring him before something bad happens to the kid..

  13. Wow... can you believe this kid. "Im ONE of the FEW true christians.. burn in hell you deserve it" lol... this kid gets more and more insane as the weeks go by. Harry has no idea what Christianity is. Just what has been taught to him by his inbred family. Lol.. true christian.. gtfo!!!!

  14. Perhaps I could interject more often but like you said, its fun to see how dumb some people can get. I usually like to sit back and watch stupidity take over. "everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it"

  15. Umm this is several years old, and it isn't fake. Joe released it himself which is why the publisher is in the "to" address field. He released it because he thought it was clever as all hell, but when it make him look like a jackass he played it off like it was a joke and tried to pretend it never happened.

  16. Pretty funny how it was supposed to be sarcastic lol