Friday, 1 January 2016

Star Wars 7 Spoilers & Theories Discussion!

An hour long autism fueled video, I ain't watching this shit and neither should you unless you're a moron......or autistic.


  1. Jesus Christ, they dressed up like retards, and of course Joe had to be the "cool" villain. No game review for a month now. I guess you can't do what you supposed to do when you suck all kinds of dicks.

  2. I actually watched it.... it was horrible....
    Just joe shouting his opinion and forcing it on delrith and other joe... Its really really sad to see grown man do this...
    He has really idiotic theories as well and just comes across like a 12 year old fanboy who creamed his pants after this (shitty) movie...
    I watched SW ep 1-6 again last week and those films ALL have something great and something lame but this new film is just a ripoff and I doubt Ill ever go see it.

    I am still wondering what other joe and delrith (well who gives a fuck) really thought about the film because even though the video is so long their opinions are hardly in it...

    oh yeah fuck joe for dissing kyle katarn, any sw fan who played those classic games know who he is, I actually like that theory from del.

  3. 'joe iw no adult'

    International lae pretty much said that when you turn 18 or 21 you are becoming one. No matter if you act like a kid - if you are 18 or over you are adult as far as society and law is concerned.
    And while I do think that Joe has fallen from grace as far as reviews are going I still fail to see how he have difficulty to talk and to socialise with people like true Autism person does.

  4. Jesus christ Joe, what the hell is going on? It's been 3 days and there aren't any top 10 best/worst/controversies?

  5. Couldn't have said it better myself, hey wait a minute...