Saturday, 16 January 2016

Top 10 BEST Games of 2015!

Man, get a load of this land whale. He says that "he's back bitches", yeah right and I'm the King of France. By "he's back" I assume that he's doing more dick licking than usual at press events, paid promotions and not making reviews. Sounds about right.Now let's look at the list below, even before watching the video I knew he'd give the Witcher 3 the number one spot.

10 - Rise of the Tomb Raider  
More like Rise of the Shit Raider. Joe also mispronounces Lara as LAURA like the idiot he is, I mean they even say the name right in the game so how can he be so stupid? 

09 - Party Hard  

Party Hard, obligatory indie shit?

08 - Pillars of Eternity  

Pillars of Eternity, AHAHAHAHAHAHA no.

07 - Broforce  

More indie shit, seriously not GOTY material.

06 - Rocket League   

Probably got paid to put more indie shit on his list. 

05 - Bloodborne  

And he said he didn't have time to properly finish Bloodborne so how can he say it's a best game without even fully sampling all it has to offer? What gall he must have for putting Bloodborne at number 5 even when he never got past Central Yharnham! What the fuck is he thinking! You fags do realise that this guy absolutely does not play Bloodborne right? he's just put it on his list to stop people from sperging out about it not being there and to also make him look like more of a "hardcore gamer" to his casual af fanbase.

04 - Mortal Kombat X 
Ahahahaha, Mortal Kombat is better than Bloodborne? Jesus christ.
MKX still has horrid netcode on consoles, and the PC port is complete garbage. And he's hyped for kombat pack 2, my sides are in orbit right about now.

03 - Fallout 4   
But as for #2 Angry Joe was never a true Fallout fan so he had no rpg expectations about this game whatsoever. The game feels barren and boring in comparison to all the previous games and Joe does not even mention this. Fallout 4 is just a buggy mess all around with some good ideas which are underdeveloped.

02 -    Metal Gear Solid V   
MGSV is plagued with stuff that AJ completely hates, stuff that has made him give ultra low scores to other games.
Stuff like: corporate greediness, game being literally incomplete, extremely repetitive gameplay, absolutely dead open world and almost no plot or character development.
I've been following AJ since he started, these are stuff he has ALWAYS hated and he has been very vocal about it, but suddenly with MGSV, which is part of a saga he has admittedly never played before (So nostalgia doesnt plays a factor here), he's ok with all this, and he gives the game a 9. What a load of crock shit and a fucking shill. 

01 - The Witcher 3   
Stinky hot shit. Even if it may have some good points it still have a lot of bad ones.

Giving these games "top whatever" placements in a popular youtuber's opinion rewards these companies for bad behavior, but then again Joe was paid by these companies. 
  • No Nintendo games
  • NO SOMA, which is one of the purest scifi horrors ever made and simply brilliant. 
Shilling Sanchez is full of shit as usual, and Joe doesn't play any Nintendo games since Nintendo claimed every single Nintendo video on his channel and Joe bitched and moaned about it because he couldn't make money. This list is proof enough that he's taking bribes, nothing else can explain why he'd put MGSV on 2nd place, or hell even why he gave the game a 9. Its fucking hilarious what a dudebro he is. You can argue about Fallout 4 being on the list and he ignoring Undertale completely, but when you put shit like Rise of the Tomb Raider on the list, you barely fucking played games this year.

All in all, a very boring list from a very boring person. Unlike me because I have a wacky personality and multiple personality disorder. It's fun being crazy. Now come on and sing together with me! 

So if we all come together, we know what to do
We all come together, just to sing we love you
And if we all come together, we know what to do
We all come together just for you! (SING WITH ME!)


  1. Are you really that stupid?

    1. Witcher 3 10/10 LEGENDARY STATUS! - Jose was flown to Poland where he got so much sausage rammed up his ass (VIP treatment) that he just had to give it a perfect score though the game has so many flaws!
    2. Anki Drive - promoting a shitty toy that looks god awful and boring. Just look at the disgusting amounts of obviously fake enthusiasm Shrill Sanzhez expresses. It's cringe worthy! Notice how the Other Joe has this "fuck this boring toy that we got paid to promote but I have to hang in here" look on his face. Also notice the blatant product placement of Angry Orchard Cider and Jack Links that Furious Fernando ententionally tries to place in front of the camera. I work in advertising and this shit is clear as day to me.
    3. Joe is the Konami of YouTube game reviews - he completely forgot what got him where he is. The shrill is so fucking lazy that he can not be bothered to review AAA games that deserve attention. Jose rather whore himself out for money on $Twitch$.

    Those are just a few examples out of dozens that I can bring to support my opinion and opinion of thousands of people who are sick of this idiot. People lots all respect for him and they are damn smart because they see the truth. But I's hard to convince someone who is part of the Angry Fag Army of Jose's minions. Whipe your cum-crusted eyes and see the truth.

  2. I agree, though some people are trying to act like it's the second coming of Christ.

  3. The mere fact that the new MGS game was at second place is proof enough. The game is FULL of what Joe hated in the past, yet he gives it a pass for some reason? He should just put one of the COD games in there while hes at it. But that would be too obvious i guess.

  4. Lol you are pathetic dude, you are even too retarded to click reply xd

    As for what you believe about Joe why should I give a flying fuck?
    Every week or so another one of you low life faggots comes in here to defend your corporate overlord. If you want to know why we say he is a sellout go back and read it, Im not going to repeat myself week after week.

    I dont care that you make yourself look like a huge moron for defending one of the biggest scumbags alive. He lies daily and fucks over his fans on a regular basis, THAT ALONE should be enough to open your eyes but noooo you are so fucking in love with that fat piece of shit you just stick your head in the sand and keep taking it up your ass.

    Please continue to defend him so we can all laugh at your pathetic ass for being so dumb. Its like you maggots still believe in santa claus and dont want to hear he is fake because then you will lose out on some presents XD

    At the same time there is you answer; why do we come here and bitch about Joe weekly? Because its just too much fun seeing you little kids freak out when your based-on-dreams-idolworshipping all falls apart!

    WE all have seen proof time after time after time, we KNOW we are right there is no denying it after years now so that makes it all the more funny that there are still people out there who are so DUMB that they cant even notice it, how far does Fat Fernando have to go before you stop worshipping him?!?! Does he literally need to pull his pants down and shit in your mouth before you taste the crap and wake up?!

  5. "working on review"
    "review will be out soon"
    "I will review this game for sure"

    And then spends his time doing lame streams instead of working on what he is promising or just skips the game altogether. FACT

  6. i am not amused about top 3
    but my god how much they gave him for mortal kombat x to be on list
    game is shit so no wonder best game should be bloodborne and idk top 2 withcher despite terrible combat

  7. Baco, I don't have to respond to shit. Time after time people bring examples of why they don't like Joe but you are just too retarded to understand. Keep on sucking Joe's dick ;)

  8. Any thoughts on how fat Joe has gotten? Jesus! Fucking pig. Too many tacos and burritos xD His nails are dirty. He chews with his mouth open. His house is always messy. Besides being a greedy swine, I find him repulsive just based on the above mentioned facts.

  9. Who dafuq is this Baco guy? Jfc annoying as fuck. Anyways the top ten list Joe gave was....interesting as much as I don't want to admit it. Nearly half of the list was Indie games. Thank god Undertale wasn't on it, but where the fuck is SOMA? That was a great horror game. But who cares about a great game right? Let's just pick out these other indie games just for some filler to save our lazy ass.

    1. Heck I work harder than Joe does, and it ain't that hard to film and edit video. Joe just loves to complain to garner sympathy.

  10. Calling Joe a "mexican beaner who needs to be deported" is about as racist as it gets. He's been called that many times on this blog. The funny thing is he's actually Puerto Rican...which is a US colony.

  11. Also like I said I never said people don't have valid criticisms about Joe. There are many and I wish this blog would focus on those instead of trying to be as immature as possible. I will say though I think people get a little ridiculous in their criticism of him sometimes. Since he liked Witcher and MGS, it meant he was a greedy sellout. Since he gave Halo and Star Wars average reviews, it meant he was a crybaby just trying to get attention. Has anyone ever thought those were just his opinions which doesn't mean he's going to agree with everyone? I agree his support for Witcher was a bit over the top (although it was still a damn good game) but just because he gave it a 10/10 doesnt mean he's a sellout.

  12. It's all about the money for Jose these days. Got to pay those bill somehow since he has no other job lol xD That's the thing - when a person has a career and decent paying job, if they do game reviews as a hobby, you know that chances are that you are getting their honest opinion because their livelihood does not depend on the reviews. With Joe, since YouTube is all he does (hard to believe that at times lol), of course he will sell out and suck some corporate dick. No wonder people have noticed how he changed! Ads up the ass. Product placement on every corner. Biased reviews. Autistic whoring out sessions on $Twitch$. I wish simpler times when he just did reviews and had a day job.

  13. Support me? Who the hell does that? And there's a difference between me and Joe bruh, though I wouldn't expect you to understand.

  14. Does anyone read that dumb nigger's posts? I figured he'd be on some film site whining that the Academy didn't nominate any niggers for Oscars this year. Maybe he's here because Senpai still hasn't noticed him.

  15. Wow.. you were telling joe what he ought to do.. like burn in hell. Sorry couldnt read past the first line. You contradicted yourself and looked stupid so i didnt bother. Take some midol.

  16. Now im a nigger lol. Sorry for exposing your gay overlord. Facts hurt dont they kid.

  17. Awww dirk it sounds like you need a nap. Nobody worships angryjoe. It's just more delusions coming from a fragile warped little mind. Look how quickly you turn into an eight year old when someone talks shit about you. Lol.I've never seen a bigger bitch in all my life. You can dish it but sure can't take it. People see you for what you are.. and that's a shill. If your dumbass followers keep coming here after you blantantly admitted you care nothing for them and admit to lies just to push an agenda, they are more fucked in the head then i thought. Poor dirk..

  18. There is no comma nor should there be one. Sorry dude (and i mean dude as in you are pretending to be a girl) but you got the wrong nigger. Im no nigger. I wouldn't expect an ignorant bitch to know the difference. You can't trust anything that bleeds for 7 days and doesn't die. Dude, that was a menstrual joke in case your youngin ass didn't catch it. Kids...

  19. Go fuck yourself, Fishy. Joe is a total sack of shit and you should go donate some money to him if you love him so much. Keep on living that AJSA dream, kid lol

  20. hahaha what pathetic mongs, this is their way of saying:
    "fuck we've been pwned so hard, lets run out of here with our tails between our legs and go suck our captain joe some more"

  21. Fishy Person is crying because we've been insulting them, yet he's been using abrasive language and petulant insults in his last 200+ comments. Oh, the irony....

    I love when people say one thing and do the exact same thing. I can tell Fishy is a hypocritical Joe Vargas penis sucker.

  22. Looks like Fishy has a comprehension problem, at least I put out multiple translations a month which is far more effort than Joe has done in recent months, oh yeah and I work for a living as well, unlike a certain somebody.

    And why the hell would I want to be Angry Joe? I just love tearing a new asshole in him and his followers because of how stupid they are.

  23. What's really crazy is that people will come in here, launch insults, ignore the facts, and defend their precious, coward, fearless, do-nothing leader, all the while being dumb-as-a-box of rocks hypocrites. I'm a Republican, but it's people like that that make me want to believe in assisted suicide. Some people are far too dull to understand how life works. That's why when I told Fishy to move out of his mom's basement, he ignored that statement because he's currently posting his ridiculous comments from Mommy's basement and using her internet.

  24. Even Charles Manson had cult followers.