Saturday, 23 January 2016

AngryJoe Suicide Squad #2 Reaction!

Autism overload again, I mean this is what Angry Joe has become. Movie video's and paid promotions, leave it to a real human bean to ruin his own career and reputation. And in true modern Joe fashion he is not even angry at all, All he did was say he disliked Robocop and the Joker's gangsta teeth.That's basically it, oh and he seems to be enjoying it as usual because he's easily impressed. And why is he complaining about the teeth when didn't Batman break them or something like that? But I guess he's the type of fan who dislikes anything new, oh and he didn't know that one of the guys was Clint Eastwoods son, Scott Eastwood.

Down low: Somehow when he talk about marvel or disney movies somehow his ability to see flaws disappears, but when talking about DC movies , suddenly the ability to nitpick comes back.

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