Saturday, 30 January 2016

AngryJoe Plays Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak!

Right off the bat Joe can't even pronounce Kharak right, what a moron. Is he even trying anymore? He's also apparently excited about this new game even though the Homeworld "franchise" if you can even call it that has been long dead , I mean who the hell wants a ground control rip off as a Homeworld game or even wanted more backstory? I mean stuff like this just screams cash grab, and that's exactly what it is. Not to mention that if you wanted to show your game off you don't give it to Angry Joe because he can't even play any game right, he's a terrible let's player and that's a fact.

Also this is a "promo" which more or less means that Joe took it up the ass from the devs so he could shill whatever game comes his way, it's stuff like this that put his credibility in the drain. Heck I bet that Joe hasn't even played or finished the original Homeworld games, what a poser. Whatever don't even watch this cesspool of a video, just down vote and leave an angry comment. Oh and check out the comments section as everyone is having a good old time ripping Joe a new one for being goddamn lazy. I hope someone sends flesh eating worms to Joe's house so he can go and start shout CRAWLING IN MY SKIN!

Dude reddit references and memes xd lol wut

Now gfto off this site, I've got a night shift tonight and I'm not looking forward to it, then I've got a christening the following morning. Being me is suffering but who cares? Catch you on the flip side!


  1. Joe is lazy as a fucking sloth. At least he could do is read some of the background story, so he can avoid looking like an idiot, asking stupid questions.

  2. Wow...watched a few of Joe's streams. Autism central over there. Is he really retarded or is he acting so stupid on purpose to cater more to his brainless fans?

    1. it seems ever since pewdiepie was in southpark it fucked with joe's ego so hard that he tries to copy him from that moment on

  3. I applaud them for standing up for themselves! They are the most successful reaction video channel and the work that they do is extremely important. As humans we will look back at those videos in 100 years and learn about how our species thought about things. Since I am the pioneer of the game reviews, I will consult my lawyer about trademarking my format and licensing it out to other YouTubers. I am sick and tired of people ripping my intellectual efforts! Enough is enough! People should stop being so greedy and come up with their own format instead of stealing it from people like me and Fine Bros.

  4. I would like to get Angry Joe and Fine Bros and put them to work in a hard labor camp in a Syberian gulag. Make those fucking scumbags work in a uranium mine digging for ore with their bare hands.