Wednesday, 20 January 2016

AngryJoe Plays Hard West!

More like Angry Joe is a fucking soulless sellout, amirite? Shilling Sanchez is at it again, how many paid promotions is he going to do this year I wonder? And let's take into account that this is an INDIE GAME, I'm guessing Joe is a shit magnet nowadays for companies.

And looks like the Angry Army is out in force in the comments section, they are literally crying that other people are complaining about Joe not working on the top 10 video's, which he should be. I mean how can he be so busy but sticks out crap content like this, what a freaking liar, he always uses the sympathy card like a bitch. Whatever, just leave an angry comment and down vote the video, crap content shouldn't be tolerated.


  1. This game looks like shit! I am totally into top down tactical shooters but not this! It is undeniable that Jose gets paid by all of those indie game developers because he has been featuring more and more of this crap on his channel. Some indie games are pretty good but this looks god aweful! I bet that many of his mindless minions have already purchased this shit of a game. Sellout Sanchez is like a cult figure to them so they will do anything for their master. They are a really sick and twisted bunch of people.

  2. I would donate $10,000 to have a charity bareknuckles boxing match with that swine. Just looking at him makes me want to punch something.

  3. Disregard. I've found your post. What's really funny is Joe is telling someone else to do something productive with their life, yet he doesn't even have a job! Ha ha!