Tuesday, 12 January 2016

AngryJoe's Plane Scare Vlog & Update!

Really, this guy will make a post about bloody anything as long as it will get views. What's next, butt fucking with Angry Joe and Delrith?

Anyway, there's a few questions that I think need answered:

1. Why does he wear the mask?
2. If I take the mask off, will he die?
3. Is Joe a big guy?
4. Did the fire rise?
5. Does anyone wanna go for a ride?

Wanna go for a ride? (Rene Dif eat your heart out)
With that out of the way the video is 90 percent Joe talking about the stupid airplane scare as if it actually matters in the grand scale of things, which is doesn't. And as usual he acts like video's will be out soon because it's so hard making them when he does streams on Twitch to beg and receive money like a glory hole. Actually that's the perfect analogy to Joe and his business practices. How fucking desperate can one guy be?

Anyway, Captain Jack signing off!


  1. What kind of faggot gets out their phone and takes a picture when something like that happens? AJSA fags will be along soon to defend this shit.

  2. I hope he gets sued because that shit is illegal on a place, specially if there is something going wrong. But the fag might as well have faked it to postpone working once again

  3. His channel is like that one autistic child at school. Its fun to poke fun at him and laugh how pathetic he is, yet hundreds of idiots come to his defense for no other reason than "he's special"

  4. I know people who are autistic, they don't mind me poking fun about autism, they can poke fun at disabilities I may have, that's fine, its called not being a wuss about everything.

  5. I have an autistic nephew. It's not something to poke fun at or joke about. He's bullied constantly for something he can't help and he can't really defend himself because of the social inadequacies. Im "one of the idiots" who will come to his defense because he is special. And im sure your friend doesnt like being made fun of and can't quite tell you how it makes him feel because that's part of the disorder. It's not called being a wus.. it's called giving a damn.

  6. No just because he has autism doesn't mean he cant speak his mind, he doesn't care, he knows he cant do anything about it, so he just lives on with his life, I'm sure your nephew is younger and I am truly sorry about something like that happening to your close ones, but what's offensive to one person, doesn't mean it MUST be offensive to everyone like him, anyway, it was a joke, something taken critically these days, point is Joe had become lazy and half his subscribers are most likely bots which is why his channel is dying. And I just made a small mention to autism, if I said Landau-Kleffner Syndrom, would you be really offended? Would you care as much? Probably not, its not well known either. Fishy, my joke was on good spirit and I don't mean to attack anyone with autism, I'm not an asshole.

  7. Maybe Fishy is triggered because he has autism, I wouldn't be surprised.

  8. Understood fishy. It was wrong of me to make a joke like that anyway, i should have known better, i was just trying to say that Joe is really becoming less and less of a "reviewer". I'll know better in the future.

  9. I wouldn't call it twisted harry. It's just your average homosexual fantasy from a closed homo. Suck a dick already.