Saturday, 18 October 2014

19/10/2014 - Twitter Madness

Well it seems Joe kicked over a beehive over on Twitter, he's been arguing with some guys about the whole Gamer Gate issue. And it's really got out of hand, Joe even threatened to meet a guy in real life and was cursing all over the place. It's really too big to be covered in a Twitter Madness post of I'll create a separate post about it.

Seems like Joe has a bone to pick.

As opposed to the guy who isn't even giving his opinion on the whole matter.

The guy can't even stop text errors from happening, what an idiot.

Really, he's harping on that again.

What no movie review video, or is Joe too "overworked" from playing video games.

People do have a point Joe, the AI is prone to charging the players position regardless of whether it knows your there or not. Half-assed stealth mechanic as usual.

He really is an idiot because he should've had the costumes in advance since he knew he was going to use them, but that's Joe for you, waiting days for a costume to arrive to film a lam sketch.

Yeah and I know I forgot to make a post about last weeks Twitter Madness but I'll get it done tomorrow.


  1. His twitter meltdown on #NeckbeardGate was pretty hilarious, especially after he said repeatedly he wanted no part of it. Then again Joe "SEVEN DOLLARS!" Vargas never sticks to what he says.

    Also, it literally made me throw up in my mouth a little when Joe showed his hairy legs in that Alien review. I don't know if he actually showed his ass in panties or not because I looked away from the screen almost instantly and didn't look back until it was over.
  2. Sent ya a couple of vids via google hangout... they go through the GG twitter hissfit more extensively

    Go get him man
  3. Joe knows nothing about GG. When he makes his "gaming controversy" video this year he will slam it because his wanna be feminist ex is chirping in his ear.

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