Sunday, 19 October 2014

Alien: Isolation Angry Review

Other Joe pictured in his I Know What You Did Last Summer Cosplay
Come on Joe, more lame sketches that go nowhere. Though I will say that Other Joe would make a great serial killer or rapist, just look at that picture above and tell me otherwise. Anyway he does a decent Job of showboating the game but fails to mention any critical response to the games shortcomings, it may be a good game but that doesn't mean he has to praise the game. Like people have said in the comments, he's not Angry at all over anything just happy. He also doesn't mention the graphical and cut scene problems in the console versions, probably since his review copy was for the PC or he was being cheap and not reviewing the console version since the PC release is cheaper. And apparently he's an Alien's fanboy now, he said the same thing when Godzilla came out and we all know how that worked out for him.

Joe takes a random jab at Call of Duty because he thinks that the people who call for action only want explosions in their games, this coming from the guy who has never reviewed a Call of Duty game. Heck even Kevin Spacey has played more Call of Duty than Angry Joe, and that's a fact. He complains about the backtracking aspect of the game, even though it's there for when you get better equipment so you can go back and explore new areas that were previously inaccessible. Just like Dead Space or Assassins Creed, but Joe probably never played those games so why would he understand.

And in the end he gave the game an 8/10, even though ratings shouldn't depend if you're a fan of a franchise or not.

Let's look at some comments:

This guy proves that Joe is wrong about the backtracking aspect of the game, again Joe must not  have much experience with that gameplay mechanic even though tons of games have it

That's because he's a console player, a real PC gamer would never use a controller with a PC
They are always lame

Joe found the game hard because he's terrible at playing games

Well he never mentioned the studdering cutscenes so why would he mention anything else


  1. I cant believe people actually watched him play that. Wtf is fun about watching a horror game getting streamed with out the atmosphere needed... Its just these 2 clowns getting horny about people subscribing to twitch and screaming like 2 gay kids whenever something happens on screen... sigh humanity sigh....

    For the review itself it was sickening, it was a sales pitch not a review. All he rambled on about is how much he loves aliens and the good points of the game. Forgetting the negative completely and not even lookin at the game like hmmm its a 1 trick gimmick game....
  2. He ignores SOM for this garbage? Worse all people flock to it like it is the truth. God Joe do not touch Lords of The Fallen.
  3. Working Joe, the exact opposite of Angry Joe.

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