Monday, 20 October 2014

Angry Joe and Gamer Gate

Well it seems this all started because Todd in the Shadows (Kenneth Munson) said that Jew Wario (Justin Carmical) would not support Gamer Gate, he's basically using a dead guy to push his own agenda. That's a whole bucket of worms on it's own but then Angry Joe decided to join in on the conversation and back up Todd up by saying that Justin would "not support online harassment of women". Where do they get the balls to speak for the dead, they are literally putting words in his mouth, even if they did know him that doesn't give them the right to speak for him.

And then someone mentions that Angry Joe made money off of Jew Wario's death, and then that lead to insults being thrown left and right. But apparently Joe thinks that Gamer Gate is only about the harassment of women, I'm guessing his ex girlfriend is still chirping in his ear. And then Joe started taking the righteous stance but luckily there was people who were debunking him, but Joe just responded with "this GamerGate thing is scaring me cuz ppl like you.". So Joe is ignoring the facts and saying that one guy represents the entirety of Gamer Gate. It's clear that Joe doesn't understand anything about GG since he can't even form a coherent opinion on the matter.


  1. What did you expect from someone who falls for plastic tranny's? Dude is a creepy gaylord without a single working brain, so why would anyone even care about his gamergate opinion?

    He is too dumb to discuss that type of stuff and is too plasticwhipped to even speak his mind.
  2. Them using a dead person to make their own arguments "stronger" or to make money AGAIN is sickening too, I cant understand these sick fuckers still have any fans left.
    1. Joe should just dig up Jewario's corpse and have butt sex with it on camera for money. He knows he wants to.
  3. Joe is pathetic and so is the other guy. Big surprise what Joe thinks GG is. Complete moron.
    1. If #NeckbeardGate wasn't a bunch of basement dwelling man children pitching a fit because they can't get a girlfriend more people would probably take them seriously.
    2. retard you lucky my comment did get trough to expose how dumb you are
    3. I'm assuming you're talking to other guy harryvdlaan
  4. Confused Matthew sucks, I just want remind people that, and focus their anger on him

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