Monday, 27 October 2014

27/10/2014 - Twitter Madness

27/10/2014 - Twitter Madness

Well after last weeks Gamer Gate discussion on Twitter, it seems that Joe has gone back to the usual crap he posts on Twitter.

Who cares what he thinks about random movies, and he still hasn't re uploaded his Edge of Tomorrow review
Now that's badass, wonder what Joe's gonna be wearing.
He better be reviewing the new Call of Duty and really who the hell cares about Civilization anymore?
Why does he mention the price? That would be like the Red Cross telling people in Africa how much there aid costs while giving it out for free.
Angry Joe and another neckbeard let's play, it's people like this who give gamers a bad name.
This coming from the guy who lied about having seven dollars in his pocket. Now that's pathetic.

That that week was uneventful expect for the review announcements.

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  1. lol indeed who the hell cares about civ anymore.
    The series has gone downhill since civ2, 3 was decent 4 was decent and 5 sucked.

    Joe only got into the series @4 or something so he doesnt even know that and thinks its some kind of amazing game, of course a retarded no skills having gamer like him isnt going to notice the horrible AI and all the things that destroy the modern civs.

    We also all know Joe is going to hype the shit out of the new game for no reason, hell this time even the hardest modern civ fanboys are saying its a huge dissappointment. But just watch this more do a salespitch again... SalespitchJoe!!

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