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An insider look on the Angry Army

An insider look on the Angry Army

"Shit eating grin"
Well a little birdy sent me a rather interesting email recently, and it was about the Angry Army and how badly it is managed. The guy had a lot to say and I'll break down the information for people to understand.

PS4 Raffle

Remember Joe did this back when the next-gen consoles came out, apparently the contest did end and the guy who got the PS4 made an Angry Army account and won the raffle within two days of registering. And the guy hasn't even been active since 4th December, was this a scam since it could have been a fake account or did the guy just not care anymore? But there was a guy on YouTube who made a video on the matter, he did some research and apparently it was illegal for Joe to hold this raffle since it was for a for-profit organization.

This is the guy who won the PS4:
Watch this video to get the low down:

The Founder's Club

Now this is just pathetic, people shelling out 50 dollars a month for Angry Joe. And just look at what you get for it:

This is an outrage, even if the people are giving their money freely, where does Joe get the gall to charge this amount. This is just proof that he is only in it for the money, he doesn't even give you a subscription to his Twitch when you pay for this, this is a joke. And it's even more sad considering that Joe doesn't even interact with them because apparently he's too busy "working", or playing with himself. And it get's even worse because people have donated up to 1000 dollars on Joe's lazy ass and he doesn't even give a shit, you'll be lucky enough to get a simple thank you message.

Take a look at the circle jerking:

Is the Angry Army a Pyramid Scheme?

Just think about it for a second, people join the Angry Army and people see the Angry Army and go and see what they're all about. This in turn leads them to Angry Joe, they are practically a free advert for Joe and his moneyfaggory. And he never once interacted with the community outside of "organized events", which rarely happen, and when people complained about this they were met with silence from "high command". What a way to treat his fans.

Video Game hoping

If guess every gamer does this since a new game comes out and they want to play it, but when you have a community and you have dedicated servers for you to play on this isn't an option. Because you have a duty to play those old games you create clans for, not just leave them at the wayside. And then again Joe only plays games which will gain him maximum exposure, that's why he's constantly jumping around the place like Mexican Jumping Bean. Because when Joe leaves everyone leaves and barely anyone plays the older games, take Planetside 2 for example: they almost maxed out their players but when Joe stopped playing they could barely manage to get a full team.

The Merchandise Team

Because apparently he was too lazy to do it himself, you don't even need me to tell you this, just look at his uninspired store and you'll see for yourself. People pitched ideas to Joe so he could make money off his fans, from fridge magnets to Dracula vibrators (guess the reference), Joe has it all. Though he never ever said thanks to his fans who did this, it was up to the "council members" because he didn't give a flying fuck.

But like all great movies you must start and end with a quote.

"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."


  1. these idiots are trying to grab what cash they can before the entire internet spits em out and wants em dead
  2. Pretty much. The bubble is going to burst and they getting all they can.
  3. I was a member of the Angry Army when it first started in Nov 2013. It went straight to hell so fucking fast.

    The forums are run like a goddamn concentration camp. You're not allowed to talk about Net Neutrality, video game violence in the media, or any thing else they deem "political." (even if it isn't really political) Also all the news is filtered through a mod who is the only one allowed to start topics in the News forum ROFL. (that's some real Nazi shit right there) Threads would also be locked/deleted left and right for no good reason by the fucking mods.

    It didn't take long for tons of people to start getting banned and/or leave the forums for good. Some would make posts saying why they're leaving the forums (mainly the way the mods/admins run the fucking place) and they'd get banned too.

    Anyway, I got banned shortly after another poster made a thread about net neutrality. His post got locked and he was banned and a mod said at the end of the post that if you want to talk about certain topics make a request in the Suggestions forum to get the rules changed.

    So I wrote a polite post about why we should be allowed to talk about net neutrality and it was deleted by TonsOfFat and he PMed me suspending me, basically calling me a piece of shit and said "If you don't' like it LEAVE!" I then gave the mods/admin the ol FUCK YOU when I was unsuspended and got banned permanently.

    The AA is a fucking joke. No one uses the game servers anymore and there are barely even 20 people on the forums at any given time out of a subscriber base of 1.6 million. All the in game guilds are mostly dead and Joe never interacts with the AA outside of rare events like Ciaran said.

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