Saturday, 11 October 2014

AngryJoe Plays Alien: Isolation!

It's been ages since Joe last uploaded some of his Twitch footage to YouTube, over a month in fact. And it seems like Joe is wearing that ghost busters outfit that he has, probably too lazy to buy an actual uniform. 
And why is Joe letting Other Joe play for most of the video, if he's gonna let him play the least he could do is stop telling Other Joe what to do. The entire time it's just Joe yapping in his ear. And just look at how they're playing the game, from what you see you would wonder if they even know how to play it, you can understand how Other Joe plays but Joe is a complete retard. He's acting as if he's there in the game, he's acting like he's actually scared of the alien even though it's a bloody video game.

If your wondering what those numbers are in the left hand are, they are money that people donate during the stream. Joe's "snack" budget, since people pay for the food that he buys and eats during the stream. That's pretty low, getting people to feed him even though he's already making enough money, but you know what "fuck you give me money", you see if Joe can say it so can I.

That's Angry Joe for you, idiot incarnate
He just doesn't care
Get a load of the response, obviously a Joe fan boy

Wasn't that just delightful, but remember that there's another part that Joe's gonna upload, oh joy.


  1. him saving the second part when its obviously shot already is so scummy too

    what a sellout
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    2. Im mad because Joe lied to people acting like he is still the champion for gamers vs the big corporations when he has been recruited by them.

      He went from an honest reviewer to a lying devilworshipper and Ill keep on him until he is exposed and gone from the internet.
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    1. Stop spamming about Confused Matthew, nobody here gives a fuck about him. If you hate him so much make a "Confused Matthew Sucks!" blog and talk it over with people who care.
  3. Adrian why don't you make a blog about Confused Matthew? You knew exactly what this blog was before you even clicked on it. Joe is a lousy sell out because guess his deal with Polaris it does not cover twitch so that money is pure profit and is a reason he does not make many review and just post lets play. Lets play are easier to do and suckers like you watch them, donate to him and sub to him on twitch. He does not even play most of the games he r

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