Thursday, 23 October 2014

AngryJoe Reviews Allegiant Airlines!

Well this was actually a funny video, albeit not even video game related but it was still enjoyable and it's funny to see Joe and Tons0fun act like a bunch of idiots. Though I don't see why he's complaining that much when he's on a bare bones airline and he's probably in the cheapest class, and seeing how the airline business isn't getting any easier nowadays Joe should be a little more understand.

Man is he pregnant or is that a beach ball?
Though Tons0fun does seem to have put on a ton of weight since the last time he appeared, damn man there's liking food and then there's having a beach ball as a stomach, the guy needs some help. Anyway go watch the video and laugh for a bit or don't, the comments won't be posted this time since it's mostly people asking for reviews or just posting that they liked the video.

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  1. Confused Matthew is not funny, another reason why Angry Joe is better than him

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