Tuesday, 28 October 2014

AngryJoe & Boogie Play Farcry4! Co-op Impressions

AngryJoe & Boogie Play Farcry4! Co-op Impressions

Ah, rape face
Well Joe went to this paid promo event for Far Cry 4, and none other than some neckbeard by the name of "Boogie" played co-op with him. And man was this video painful to watch, from the grating voice of Boogie and the cackles of Angry Joe, it's a wonder I made it through in one piece. The video is mostly pure gameplay again and it get's boring real fast, and the constant yelling of Joe and Boogie just make it worse. And the audio is kinda messed up and sounds off, do they even test their equipment before they decide to record, you can even hear people in the background and the video is just full of noise. That video's bad, that's all you need to know, onto the comments.


A literal elephant in the room, then?

It's guys like this that give gamers a bad name, though his cosplay for that fat dude from Blade 1 is cool.
Let's alert the authorities and deport his ass.


  1. I wonder how the airplane managed to even fly boogie to Canada, must have been like that movie Operation Dumbo Drop.
    1. Probably just shoved his ass in the storage compartment.
    2. I feel sorry for the forklift that had to accomplish that. They probably had to decommission the poor thing. :(
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