Wednesday, 8 October 2014

AngryJoe Vs Olgoth - Shadow of Mordor!

Well you don't need to watch this video to hear about Joe's review on the game...because he's not reviewing it. Are you kidding me, it seems like he's trolling us, just look at his shit eating grin. The first 3 minutes video is him talking about how he "may" go back and review Shadows of Mordor because the new Alien game is coming out and he wants to review that first. He bloody said he was finished filming a week ago, what was he doing in the meantime, shoving his finger up his ass? This guy is just empty promises, every time he promises something he turns right around and gives you the finger. Oh, and get this, he said it was the best Lord of the Rings game, you can tell he's not a gamer because we all know Battle for Middle Earth or the Return of the King game is the best. Joe's becoming an even bigger laughing stock, and just look at him playing the game, he's shit because just like everything, he's terrible.

Comments time: Action

He's just a tool
Ain't that the truth
Exactly, he's trying to be a dragon ball z character
Wow, that was a well though out and constructed argument, it basically says everything that needs to be said about Joe

Though one last point, why did he put an exclamation mark in the title? 


  1. He can't post a review of a game he never completed, or barley scratched the surface of....oh wait he did that with ESO.
    1. Apparently he finished Shadow of Mordor. He probably thought to himself "I made enough money off of SoM, fuck doing any real work and fuck Monolith trolololololol!" I feel bad for Monolith for sending him that free review copy (after he begged for it) and he didn't even review it, they must be kicking themselves.
    2. Confused Matthew didnt even finished Cloud Atlas for a review and instead just make some fascist discussion on what he think art should be, fitting his fascist 3 act structure
  2. He also really sucked at the game lol, how can people even believe this guy is a gamer>?!
    1. oh awesome one of my comments from youtube is included here XD
    2. Can anyone actually think Confused Matthew can be considered a film critic, he doesn't he really review other aspects of filmmaking asides screenwriting and occasionally acting, douchebag doesn't really understand filmmaking
  3. This whole blog is fuckin stupid
    1. Can you tell me why? I honestly want to hear your opinion.

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