Saturday, 13 December 2014

14/12/2014 - Twitter Madness

It's later than expected but it's better late than never, or as they say. I mean seriously, who the hell wants to listen to Angry Joe's football commentary on twitter, that's like people actually caring about what the Archfied thinks. For the entire day on the 14 of December he talked about football like it was the end of the world, and when people tell him to stop talking about it he just gave his usual response. And apparently that "redneck" from before started ddossing Angry Joe's stream, according to Joe which is hard to believe. Is Joe gonna blame the terrible post service on him next.

Nobody cares!

Because he plays board games, and nobody cares again!

Freedom and Justice Joe is at it again, getting people sent to Jail, our hero.

Just look at his tone throughout the entire thing, acting like some bully instead of being calm headed, no wonder he exploded on Geoff Keighley during his interview with him.

In the words of our savior Lord Jar Jar: "How Rude"

Your video is still there, we can watch it, you just can't make money.

What's wrong Joe, no video on this one?

Seems Joe can't take it that he's wrong time and time again. Go team guy!

Nice one Joe, they'll really listen to you with that tone of voice. Consider your professional career gone.

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