Saturday, 27 December 2014

Angry Joe explodes on Twitter over #GamerGate

Probably since Joe got wind of the series of video's about him he has exploded over on Twitter about GamerGate. This went on for ages over on his twitter account and this post would be very lengthy if I posted it all so I'll post a summary of the events instead.

It all started when people starting questioning Joe's response to his response to GameGate, and this is what he had to say.

Talk about blowing a gasket, maybe he should calm down before throwing a fit.
That one was pretty funny, though Joe should have responded to the censorship on his forums rather than replying to the insult.
Wrong Joe, all you do care about is money. If not, then why do you need multiple revenue sources?
If so, when JOE? Don't give half baked answers if your unwilling to go through with them.
Does Joe even know what he just said?
No Joe, you know why he's doing it, stop trying to gain a "win" and get the last word in. This guy...
Yes now you do, but when you first started doing sponsored content you didn't even bother to put in a disclaimer until months late.Stop only telling half of the story, that's called lying.
Well then, I take it your not above those things either Joe, or do I need to bring up that whole "ass and titties" thing you did.

Because this is what Joe thinks GamerGate mostly is, harrament of women! This isn't the first time he's said this.
And he say's he's a drama whore, there's so much irony in this comment.
And that's what he think's of other people's opinions, good job Joe. Fuel the fire. 
It seems that Joe can't take it because he was proven wrong!

Most of the arguments he had were with @ItalyGG on twitter, he just couldn't stay away from this guy, he just kept adding fuel to the fire. But then again, assholes do think alike. If you want to see the full thing just jump on over to both of their twitter accounts, the links are below. We'll see what Joe will do next, damage control is my best guess.


Angry Joe Twitter Account:
Italy Gamer Gate Twitter Account:
Reddit Thread:


  1. Furious Fernando and his Fat Uncle Yank $7. Fucking Angry Jew.
  2. Told you what side Sell out Joe was on a long time ago.
  3. I hate NeckbeardGate just as much as I hate Angry Jew. If it weren't for those stupid basement virgin retards and their sad little war with the femnazis, Sarkisian and the others would never have gotten rich and famous. They should have been ignored like PETA and Scientology since they're essentially on the same level. But no, NeckbeardGate virgins for life had to vent their endless virgin rage with rape and death threats and make all games look like pathetic basement dwellers in the mainstream media. Thanks a lot, for pissing away all the acceptance gamers struggled to achieve during the 2000s you pricks. I'd say I wish you'd all get AIDS and die but we all know that will never happen, keep humping your pillow basement dwellers.
  4. His days are numbered if he keeps up this crap.

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