Monday, 1 December 2014

Redneck Vs. Angry Joe: A Battle of Two Worlds

It seems Angry Joe got into an argument with some dude who wanted to beat Joe up on Twitter, this of course led to an exchange of words between the two. All of which has now been removed but luckily I screen capped the whole lot it so we can see just how low both of them went. Fest your eyes upon the argument:

If you've read all of that you'd notice that even though that guy was only saying that he would be "taking your channel down", and Joe jumps the gun thinking the guy was upset about the gay things in the Dragon Age video. And then Joe attacks him after he wants to beat his ass, Joe calls him "backwater bitch" and sexually confused. Who does Joe think he is talking like this? It continues and Joe just starts trolling the dude and Joe says he lives in a trailer park and calls the guy a "dumb fuck" and tells him to "go back to fucking your sister inbred trash". The guy never reply's again. And Joe finishes it off with "I almost feel sry for him, maybe I will let him "beat me up". I mean he lives in a trailer park. He needs SOMETHING." Notice how something is in caps.

What did we learn about Joe:
  • He must have something against trailer park people, I knew he disliked them since his ride to hell video
  • He's incredibly offensive
  • Loves to call people names and troll people
  • He's likes to make fun of people who live in lower quality housing, what's next making fun of Africa you jumping bean
What do you think about this whole thing, comment and spread the word about how Joe is really like.


  1. Why does Joe always fight people on twitter...
    1. And what a dick for calling him "inbred trash".
  2. all those sellout fags just love to be tough on twitter dont they? XD
    Joe and Spoony both are fucking homosexual pussies who'd start crying if anyone ever would say "your show sucks" to their face.

    Im not even going to say what would happen in fights rofl needless to say we would need a new channel to visit
  3. That was pretty cool, thanks for saving it.
  4. I know where Angry Joe lives. He lives in North Austin close to Lakecreek Parkway and 183. I know the street and exact address from his videos.
  5. The trailer park that redneck lives I have been there before for work. It's really ghetto
    1. All the trailers have foil covering the windows even though most are broken. Alot of tweekers and crackheads hanging around. It's a very bad place.

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