Saturday, 20 December 2014

21/12/2014 - Twitter Madness

More football, what were you expecting, actual talk about games. And it seems Joe would rather be a total dick to his fans and random people on twitter than do his job. Plus Joe must have a hard on for North Korea because he won't shut up about it.

Yeah and we'll all have a good laugh at your choices.

You've got to be kidding me, this guy takes a break from reviews for a whole month. What a jackass.

Yeah you may be one guy, but you aren't employed you lazy shit, you have plenty of time outside of playing with yourself.

It seems Joe Vargas can't understand anything, how would the US like it if North Korea made a movie about killing Obama.

It seems Joe has a wild imagination.

Words cannot describe how stupid Joe is...

Just look at how big his ego is, all he cares about is the money and ignores all criticism.


  1. This...this.......ASSHOLE! Only taking comments that criticize him and the show as trolling even though they are in the right! He could use them to make himself and his community better. But he's never going to take them seriously because he's such an egotistical douche. As the hardcore kid put it "Sure theirs plenty of other bastards to complain about." But Joe is special amongst them in a horrible way.
  2. This channel should've been taken control by Other Joe himself and Angry Joe needs to find a real job and focus on his life not video games.

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