Friday, 9 May 2014

Amazing Spiderman 2 Angry Review

Well it's movie cash in time for Angry Joe folks, because recently released movie = Google or YouTube search = Angry Joe's video appearing. Angry Joe's not the only on to do this as others on TGWTG such as the Cinema Snob have done the same thing, does Endless Love ring any bells. Angry Joe only reviewed this to direct traffic to his already diminishing fanbase, he also can't be bothered to review any big games anymore probably because he doesn't want to infringe on their copyright and not be able to make money off their content. But remember guys as long as they include "parody" moments they can get away with it, right...

He starts out the video with a one minute sketch which isn't all that funny, Joe probably thinks dressing up is so hilarious because that's all he seems to do in most of his reviews. He does make a lot of good and bad points but seems to forget that it's a movie tie-in game and they almost always suck, and that it's not a triple A game. Seriously Joe has a hard time understanding this, and treats the game as if he holds Spiderman games in high standards when they've always being average. He complains that the combat is the same as the batman games even though it's a beat em up and what does he expect it to be, that's like complaining about the combat in Dynasty Warriors. He says Carnage only appears at the end even though he's mentioned throughout the story, seriously did he even pay attention to the game. Even what Angry Joe says doesn't match up with his review score, he acted like he liked the game but gave it a 5/10 when he should have judged it as a Spiderman game. He should have reviewed Infamous and not this, he knew what he was getting into. I would give it 6 spiders out of 10, anyway, this time the comments are from YouTube, Twitter and Joe's website.

This guys got a great point


Exactly, Joe should be prioritizing his time

Correct, seems Joe missed that one

Again, we want an Infamous review.
Speaks the truth

Joe better be listening, but we all know he isn't
That's it for today, also Joe still hasn't uploaded the third duel between him and Other Joe, talk about being lazy.

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