Thursday, 8 May 2014

AngryJoe Plays Daylight - Part 1

Oh Lawd, what are they looking at!
Well there you have it, Angry Joe went a week without a video, seems like he's been slacking more than usual this year. He's uploaded another part of a Let's play he did on the 29 April, and this video was uploaded on the 6 May, which means that it's a week old, funny isn't it. Anyway this video is bad and there's really no point in watching unless you like to see a grown man make an ass of himself while nothing happens in the actual game, he seriously fumbles at even making this video entertaining as he tries to fill the void of a bad video with even worse commentary. Just take a look at his approach to this game, he basically charges in squealing like a retard and he wonders why his video views keep dropping.

Joe is acting like PewDiePie and he knows it, just look at the way he acts while playing games, he does that to draw in a certain demographic because we all know people just watch the video's for shits and giggles. Anyway onto the comments:

About time someone went on the offense and began taking Joe down

What is wrong with some people

Good point
Seriously just look at the reply that guy got, just goes to show you what people will say or do if you say anything negative

Remember what I said about Joe and PewDiePie

That's it for this time, Joe has finished his Spiderman review and I'll get to that soon. Later days...

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