Saturday, 23 August 2014

AngryJoe Plays P.T. [Silent Hills]

Pretty much where Joe's career is at
Another one of these, it's basically him acting like a complete retard pretending to be scared. I really hate how he does this, he runs around playing the game with Other Joe with each of them taking turns like they blow each other in between the fading, they probably learned that from George Lucas. Just look at how Joe acts, he is constantly talking like and never shuts up, also he just runs around the same couple of rooms and hallways over and over. How the hell can he call himself a "gaymer" (hur hur) when he can't even pick up an item in a video game, especially when it's god damn right in front of him. Whatever he's just some poser, pretending to care about video games even though he just plagiarizes other peoples articles, it's comments time already, whatever..oh and did you notice that he uploaded part two first and then part one, just goes to show you how intelligent he is. 

Exactly, Joe doesn't know when to shut his mouth
I don't think he cares
I know, what a complete tool
Told you it was true

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