Friday, 15 August 2014

Tomb Raider 2 Xbox Exclusive - Angry Rant

Well it seems Joe has blown a gasket since the new Laura Croft game is going to be an Xbox One exclusive. Even though I do agree with his opinion on the matter, his rant went on way too long. He hit all the right points in the first nine minutes but went on and kept ranting away, also he's acting like he can't even play the game even though he's owns an Xbox One. You can just see his hatred for Microsoft throughout the entire video, but he's totally missing the point that it's a timed exclusive. He just jumped on the band wagon instead of waiting for them to reply, and what happened, they said it was a timed exclusive and it would eventually make it's way onto the other platforms. Joe's just being a dumbass and the entire world knows it, sometimes he should just keep his mouth shut.

Let's see how people across the internet have reacted to Joe's reaction. We'll be checking out NeoGaf and the YouTube comments section.

Yeah, gotta roll in the dough
Exactly, Joe went way overboard with this one
This comment is to the point

Once you go jap you don't go back
And the world now knows it
Only time will tell

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