Tuesday, 12 August 2014

AngryJoe Destroyed in Planetside 2 Event!

Man, was this video entertaining, it had lots of epic moments and showcased the Angry Army at work. Though that only describes the first half of the video, the last five minutes of it are pretty boring as he showed footage of him taking a base, even though most people are watching the video for action. Though he did say that's what he wanted to show you, so I guess we can let him off on a technicality. Overall the video was great and I hope he uploads some more footage of the Angry Army fighting. As usual you can check out the comments below:

Yeah, that would be awesome
You do have a point but I think Joe didn't go to their Angry Army training sessions, though he just did a video on that
Not to sound like a fan boy but he just did a review a week ago, it'll be a while until he does another one
Yeah that was just golden to see his reaction

That was it for this video, check back for my post about his "training video".
  1. Replies
    1. Says the guy who looks like a sex offender
    2. Says the one who couldn't handle his face to show it
    3. So you aren't denying that you look like a sex offender? Oh and come back when you learn how to form sentences.
    4. Lol. in less than 2 month of daily posting there was like 4-5 comments. Get a life. I dont care what a bitch call me on the internet. You dont know me, I dont know you. All I see is you wasting your life thinking "Lel im going to make dem mad"

      Nobody is mad son
    5. Changing your profile picture, guess I stuck a nerve. And who cares if people comment or not, it's down to people getting the message which they sure are because more people flock to read about the real Angry Joe. And never start and end a sentence in "lol", it just shows how immature you are.

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