Saturday, 23 August 2014

AngryJoe Plays P.T. - Part 2 Finale!

What the fuck?

He uploaded part two first and then part one, where is his head at? besides Other Joe's ass. And what's with the "Finale" bit, it's not like it's some kind of grand finale to a ballet. Anyway, what to expect in this video:

  • Joe not shutting the fuck up
  • Joe acting like a complete idiot
  • Joe praising Hideo Kojima (Japanese pedophile)
  • Pretending to be scared and failing miserably
  • Joe not being able to play a video game properly

And what disgusted me most about this video is how Joe reacted to the demon baby fetus, Other Joe was like "hey pick it up, it's a crying baby" and Joe was like "no, it's a demon baby, get it the hell away from me" and freaking the hell out like it was real. But that just shows us an insight into Joe's psyche and his opinion on children, this is probably why he's single. Throughout the video he also constantly sucks Kojima's flee infested penis by saying how "beautiful" and "realistic" the game is, when in fact he has nothing good to say so he says the most generic thing possible. And he makes no mention of what he thought of the entire thing, probably because this is just a video from his twitch account which aren't edited besides from the odd fading.

Haven't you noticed how Joe cleans every Japanese dude Johnson
Because Joe is retarded
Well that's where all the dollars are at, that and he's just lazy
Oh so that's why the second part was uploaded first, does he not even check his video's before he uploads them?

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