Friday, 15 August 2014

Planetside 2 Basic Training [AJSA]

Yeah, it's another Planetside 2 video, oh wait it's just an hour long video showcasing an Angry Army training event. Even though the video is an hour long Joe does explain that it's just to show people what a training event is like, so I can see where he is coming from but he just uploaded an hour long unedited video. That takes little to no effort to do, also Joe's just tagging along with no interaction what so ever with the other players. Don't even bother checking out this video as you'll be bored to death by the robotic voice that plagues the entire video. Anyway onto the comments since I've got nothing better to talk about.
I know, Joe's treating it like it's an actual war
Exactly, Joe's getting too complacent
I don't think Joe has been playing games for that long since he's such a terrible player
I always knew that Angry Joe was into BDSM

Anyway terrible video so go watch something else even worse like the Archfiend or the Irate Gamer.

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