Friday, 18 April 2014

Angry Joe Vs IGN's Dan Stapleton

Well I didn't expect this to happen, both Angry Joe and Ign exploding on twitter over Angry Joe's Titanfall review. Well not the review itself but how Joe misrepresented Igns review of Titanfall, he basically said something which was wrong but the matter got way out of control with tons of people weighing in on the argument. Just look at the bullet points below from user SovanJedi on Neogaf:

Big image dump below, see the twitter exchange for yourself:

Anyway both of them are wrong and acted like a bunch of idiots on twitter, they both acted unprofessionally and everyone seeing them for what they truly are should serve both of them a lesson. Hopefully Joe will think before he opens his mouth next time, below are a list of links which you should find interesting if you want to see more opinions from a variety of source's including Ign and Angry Joe's forums.


Articles and forum posts:

But all this just leaves one question: Why did Dan Stapleton wait a month until he asked Joe about mis-quoting IGN?

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