Monday, 14 April 2014

Angry Joe Plays BroForce!

Well it's back to crazy as Angry Joe and Other Joe have one hell of a time, I had fun watching it and you bet your ass they had fun playing it. This video is golden and has lots of laughs so go watch it because it's the best video Joe has done in a long time, since this is a good video I'll just post some comments from YouTube because there's nothing to nitpick in this video. Though I knew of this game before Joe played it, they talked about it on eNCA, uhm does anyone even watch that channel outside of South Africa?
Exactly what I was thinking

Aw, come on Other Joe is awesome

Gotta agree with you on that one

What a bunch of idiots, people want reviews not lets plays
Exactly what the first guy said, though the second guy can't understand that Joe has changed, maybe he's just can't accept it

That's it for this post, we'll see how long it takes Joe to put out his next review, which should be the Elder Scrolls Online and not Infamous Second Son. Is it me or just Joe not give a shit about console gamers anymore?

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