Friday, 4 April 2014

Disney Buys AngryJoeShow!

Holy shit, everyone quick go to into lock down mode, Angry Joe's been bought out by Disney!
Well only technically because they bought out Game Maker Studio's which is one of the biggest networks on YouTube, Game Maker Studio's also own Polaris which Angry Joe is affiliated with. Does this mean that Disney will force Angry Joe to make certain content, no! Joe's just having some fun messing around like a flailing retard again, seriously right now his fanbase is either a bunch of 12 year old ADHD retards or a bunch man-childs who are still stuck in their childhood, if there's any one left out they are probably just the odd guy who wants to hear what Joe thinks. (That's probably under 10 percent of his viewers)
He keeps referencing Marvels Agents of Shield as a stupid gag which he does multiple times throughout the video and when it wasn't funny the first time don't do it again, seems like he's been getting tips from Nostalgia Critic on that one. If you thought that was bad he puts on a stupid mickey mouse hat and pretends that the show is becoming more happy, because you know Disney. Not only is this stupid and not funny it's just idiotic, because Joe is just catering to the stupid YouTube demographic which is generally an insult to anyone with an IQ above that of a gnat.
Just look at that face.
Seriously don't watch this one just look in bewilderment at the comments:

Yes, except he gave it a proper review but he only took the price into consideration and not judged it as a game.

Why, were you expecting to see Joe's beer gut and man boobs. You do know you can get that from Nostalgia Critic.

Not a sight I would want to see, though how do we know it didn't happen.

I'm liking this guy already

Now that's some juicy details, better get TMZ on this one.
Well tune in next time and until then, keep it real.

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