Sunday, 29 June 2014

Pillars of Eternity - Angry Interview E3 2014

For some reason this interview was done after hours at E3, anyway the interview is average at best with not much going for it since Joe was too busy asking the wrong questions. Though I'm pretty sure the PC Master race will love this one.

What he did right:
  • Asked about the story (Though the guy was being an ass about it)
  • Talked about companions
  • Asked about plans for other systems
  • No microphone holding
  • No awkward handshake this time
  • Asked about the map size

What he did wrong:
  • Asked about the games length (the guy chuckled when Joe asked the question)
  • Asked about the story (because people play these games for story and not game play)
  • Didn't ask about game play mechanics
  • Has no clue what he's talking about

Anyway it was an alright interview, the dude Joe interviews looks like Jonah Hill, comments as usual below:
Yeah, he likes to pretend he's all old school
Why would they
Probably since Joe never played much cRPG's
I thought that too

That's it for this post, next up is the weekly Twitter Madness.

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